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    Poem - Living in Paris Pigalle

    18 months ago

    . .. Once upon a time, soon, I would like.. to go and live in Pigalle just for a month or two, probably be the ubiquitous unknown poet see sex and pseudo love and sadness emulsified into one emotion watch the whores waltz and the dancing girls...

  • Poem - The Doll

    Poem - The Doll

    18 months ago

    I stumbled across this image, as you do, and the lines of this poem occurred to me the doll asked medo you know her tattooist Draxno I said, hesitating, drawn to the imagewary of the doll's motivesany doll hanging by the neck has motives,...

  • 29

    Poem - The Wooden Spoon

    18 months ago

    . .. I showed the child the wooden spoon She laughed and said;- “That is a modernist symbol of oppression whilst you may view it with nostalgia using it on me will result in legal action and withdrawal of your grandparent privileges I will...

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    Poem - Falling Falling

    18 months ago

    I found this image browsing and it stayed with me and probably will for a long time... here is a little poem.... I fell from the skywas I alien or another jesus nuisancebut where was mama and papaI cried and cried for thembut they did not...

  • Poem - Near Perfection

    Poem - Near Perfection

    18 months ago

    A Hub pages environs poem.. by Drax

  • Poem - The Lake of Dreams

    Poem - The Lake of Dreams

    18 months ago

    I hurry home I hurry to bed I hurry to sleep Hurry hurry hurry To dream of you on satin silk clouds in shades of white and pink and red your cake layered gown virgin white...

  • Poem - My Dog Died

    Poem - My Dog Died

    18 months ago

    my wife left me,whatever, I thoughtthe apartment is smallnow I don't have to stand in the corner and be berated.I lived a delicious life for a while,then my dog Mursheen-Durkin died,because of food.how ironic, I thought,in between sobs,she liked to...

  • Poem - Jungle Cupboard

    Poem - Jungle Cupboard

    18 months ago

    I once had a tall cupboard at home That turned into a jungle With hair things, bills, books, papers Old delph and toilet roll Pulsating, cascading, mad to get out Open the door and it attacks It was meant to be something else A food storage unit...

  • Poem - jesus sheep

    Poem - jesus sheep

    18 months ago

    Sheep standing in a field In soldier like symmetry For no apparent reason Could it be that jesus Is only someone that sheep see In another dimension to us Is he walking to us Or away from us Or do we care The...

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    Poem - Autumn Flirts with Winter

    18 months ago

    The blood tinged red of Autumn Fading to a cold blue As he Stumbles to his knees The bleeding leaves fluttering In the cold hand of Winter Her body already gaunt Stretched in anticipation of lean times Plucking the last few leaves From the grasp of...

  • Poem - The House Children

    Poem - The House Children

    18 months ago

    in the chaos I stumbled over this image and I could just see them crowding around, waiting, waiting... Image used courtesy of Mel Rodicq "Brightown by Mel Rodicq" the house children gathered aroundtheir window eyes wide in amazementat a...

  • 225

    How to Calculate Standard Deviation

    7 months ago

    How to do the standard deviation manually in six straightforward steps, including a step-by-step of how to do this using Excel, with screenshots and a link to a sample Excel sheet.

  • Poem - Thursday Bread

    Poem - Thursday Bread

    18 months ago

    we went to GUM to look at the shortages on display and when there bought some essential items some socialist realist soap ..to wash off the capitalist dust some workers raw wax ..to make the post Soviet candles and finally half a loaf we...

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    Poem - Zulus Revenge

    18 months ago

    I had only just thought of Zulus revenge when the siren sounded signalling government displeasure more visits from the Culture Police turning out the old notebooks looking for my hidden thoughts advancing armies ambling aimless fierce black warriors...

  • Poem - Contextual Graffiti

    Poem - Contextual Graffiti

    18 months ago

    words are our contextual graffitiscratched on the hard surface of our livessome soon weathered away skin likeothers etched deep in a stony soulthe words of the songmakersimple songs sang sadlythe words of the poetpainful poems performed piouslythe...

  • Poem - Sea Spirits   ..after Philip Gray

    Poem - Sea Spirits ..after Philip Gray

    18 months ago

    the wild sea stirs spiritsand they arise, friends and enemies,wandering souls - drawn to me,some perfectly preserved, smiling, in a happy death,others, anger corrupting, suffering, grasping for life,the horror of that goodbye - etched and echoed in...

  • Poem - Bukowski Alley Stroll

    Poem - Bukowski Alley Stroll

    18 months ago

    meeting a broad shouldered life in the door I am in retreat preferring the camouflage of obscurity to a Bukowski alley stroll yet in the chaos lobe I plot genocide daily and watch with pleasure the torture of myself fighting stupid alphabet wars on...

  • Poem - Silent Samurai

    Poem - Silent Samurai

    18 months ago

    .. silent samurai wind warriorsstand on many mountainsfacing the dying sunslivers of sun skeweredon their swirling swordstheir dance at the death of daysilent sentinelsthey fight for the spoils of windthe blood of birds drips from their bladesas...

  • Poem - Cornered Cows

    Poem - Cornered Cows

    18 months ago

    stop,you’re cornered,I said to the clump of cows,as the corned beef truck trundledover the field,it’s just a change of spotfor you lot,we’d prefer more black spots,you’ll be able to hang your coatsoutside this nice shower truck,collect them...

  • Poem - Dancing Leaves

    Poem - Dancing Leaves

    18 months ago

    dancing leaves in a grand waltz windlittle vortices of symmetrysway my wayas I escape the mundane worldalong an October path of yellows and brownsI am lost in the hypnotic swirl of colourthe green of the leaf sacrificedto the march of autumn gold ...

  • Poem - Firefly Snowflakes

    Poem - Firefly Snowflakes

    18 months ago

    Firefly snowflakes dart and dance Thread-like to the eye Nature’s mannequins fluttering to and fro Part of some master plan Designed to humble humans Retreat to your houses of straw Respect her might suffer her tantrums And amid the chaos Marvel...

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    Poem - I Love Pluto

    18 months ago

    pluto is a perfect planet for poetsit's far away and doesn't get in your space it's small and doesn't block the viewit's not Phair, Pluto's a planetwhen I was a tomboy a teacher said'what do know about Tombaugh tomboy''is he an indian', I askedthe...

  • Poem - The Stone

    Poem - The Stone

    18 months ago

    find yourself a smooth stone to hold find yourself a nice quiet corner pick a time late at night (light a candle) or early early in the morning read the poem This poem is not really for the train, in traffic, at work, when the tv is on.. ....

  • Poem - On a Snowflake's Back…

    Poem - On a Snowflake's Back…

    18 months ago

    on a snowflakes back I dream alone fated forever to fall my inner core melting in the warmth of emotions bringing death and ecstasy the reflection in water lost on the waves of wind softly blowing in the silence of dream as on the...

  • 8

    Robot Poems (For and About Robots)

    18 months ago

    a few robot poems from Irish poet Des Donnelly...


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