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Eliminating dog behavior prpblems has been motivating me through decades of my professional life. My trademark methods of eliminating dog behavior problems involve "talkin' dog"--getting inside your dog's head actually makes stopping behavior problems fast, easy, and even fun! I wish you and your dog the best!

And I'm just getting more familiar with the internet since I published my training ebook a few months ago: http://www.drdogsbehaviorsolutions.com AND entered the blogging world with my first blog: Stop Dog Behavior Problems by "Talkin' Dog".

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  • Stop a Dog from Biting - Stop Dog Aggression

    Stop a Dog from Biting - Stop Dog Aggression

    9 years ago

    Dog biting, puppy biting, and dog aggression are serious! The good news is that there are behavioral methods you can use to stop your dog's aggression and stop your dog from biting! By the way, obedience training will...