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  • The Growing Role of Bollywood Movies

    The Growing Role of Bollywood Movies

    4 days ago

    Bollywood movies or Hindi films act as a cultural binder that not only binds the whole of India with a common thread but also the world which looks at India with honor and admiration.

  • How to Publish and Earn from Poetry?

    How to Publish and Earn from Poetry?

    6 days ago

    All aspire to be writer, a poet, a novelist and so on. Here we shall discuss the various ways to write and publish poetry in reputed magazines and thereby earn both money and fame.

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    How to Write Better Poetry

    6 days ago

    Poetry is the veritable expression of an imaginative self but even then, there are some rules to be observed. With maintaining these rules, one can produce better pieces like Robert Frost or Rabindranath Tagore.

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    Your Secret Lips

    8 days ago

    A prose poem, written on love that is beyond the dry apples and wintry November.

  • The Pirate Queen of China

    The Pirate Queen of China

    10 days ago

    Piracy has a long history. In different countries of the world, the pirates are born and becomes a nightmare for the sailors. In this league of pirates, who are essentially males, there are some female pirates who are as notorious and fierce like their male counterparts. Ching Shih is one of them.

  • 0

    The Italian Train That Vanished With 104 Passengers

    10 days ago

    The world is full of mysteries. Some of them had been investigated and answered scientifically but there are some also which remain a mystery forever. The incident of vanished train of Italy is one among them.

  • The World's Most Supernatural Hotels Part 1

    The World's Most Supernatural Hotels Part 1

    11 days ago

    That which is beyond our intellect and comprehension is paranormal or supernatural. There are many things in this earth that is beyond our normal process of understanding. Many places of this world is claimed to have been infested by ghosts and paranormal. Hotel Langham is one of them.

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    Mysteries of The Mahabharata Part 1

    12 days ago

    The Mahabharata is the best epitome of all Hindu knowledge and sciences. It has various dimensions and mysteries engraved in it. Various scholars have approached it in different ways. The article will focus on various unconventional nuances of the epics, like aliens.

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    A Butchers' Country

    13 days ago

    The poem is a satire on the human follies for destruction and merciless killing of each other and for nothing. This reminds us the famous poem "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold. It is a world of killers and we are killing each other without knowing our friends and foes.

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    As If You Were Here!

    2 weeks ago

    Poem written on the lover who is lost in the oblivion. Time has consumed her long back.

  • 0

    When He Dies

    2 weeks ago

    This poem is written on the death of my grandfather and I still remember his last words seeing me after years as I was abroad. I could not attend him properly, this grief will haunt me throughout my life.

  • 3

    Moon upon Moon

    2 weeks ago

    A poem on the migration of love and soul.


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