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As a professional matchmaker, Dr. Kenyon inspires those who want to find their perfect love. Professional singles gravitate to her because she is distinctly aware of issues unique to the upscale, educated, culturally sophisticated, single population. Dr. Kenyon believes finding WHOM you are going to spend your life with deserves the same investment of time and energy as does one’s career or other vital aspects of life.

Prior to and during her college years, Dr. Kenyon opened and managed Studio III, a successful modeling school and agency, as well as an image consulting center in Orlando, Florida. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and earned her BA, MS, PsyD in Counseling and PhD in Clinical Psychology. Utilizing her education and experience, Dr. Kenyon studied and taught non-verbal communication skills and implementation; rational emotive therapy; relationship development; personal growth programs; and test design and application, with emphasis on relationships and interactions. One of the most rewarding times in Dr. Kenyon’s life was the experience she had in mentoring.

Dr. Kenyon authored the book “The Successfully Single Syndrome.” The book defines the expanding movement she calls “Serial Monogamous Relationships” inhibiting the ability of upscale executive and business singles to find appropriate mates.

Uniting with your perfect love, the most important decision in life, should not be left to chance. Dr. Kenyon insists it is her relationship with each client that enables her to analyze and effectively predict successful love couplings.

“My Clients and I unite in our commitment to make their journey with me exciting and successful.”

~ Dr. Nancy Kenyon

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  • Love Compatibility

    Love Compatibility

    8 years ago

    To successfully find love, you must be assured that both people will meet each other's needs. What are those needs? Extensive clinical studies show that the key need for a woman is feeling that she is truly prized,...

  • Why You Are Still Single

    Why You Are Still Single

    8 years ago

    I have interviewed more than 20,000 single professionals over the past 20 plus years.  The majority of them were bungling their pursuit of the right marital partner.  This is so prevalent that I have christened this...

  • Ladies! It's a One Shot Deal

    Ladies! It's a One Shot Deal

    8 years ago

    You're excited and a bit apprehensive because this is the night you meet your Matchmaker's selection to find love. Spend the day at the Salon or Spa but this is not a good time to experiment with haircuts. If you...

  • Gentlemen: Let Me Whisper In Your Ear

    Gentlemen: Let Me Whisper In Your Ear

    8 years ago

    After interviewing thousands of men, I've come to the conclusion that when a man meets a woman for the first time, a number of variables stand out. These may be unique to you or not applicable at all (meaning you've...

  • Character Counts

    Character Counts

    8 years ago

    Character counts if you seek to find love. "Life is short" is not a cliché—it is true! People who want to find love that will last a lifetime often focus on the wrong attributes of their potential candidates. Our...

  • How to find a good matchmaker

    How to find a good matchmaker

    8 years ago

    The practice of using a matchmaker to find a husband or wife has been extant for millennia. Arranged marriages were common during most of human history. Family members were usually assigned the responsibility. Often...

  • Find Love

    Find Love

    8 years ago

    In my book, The Successfully Single Syndrome, I discuss the necessity for a single person who is looking for a lifetime partner to view life as a race throughout this process.  Today, young singles postpone tying the...