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Reincarnated and reprogrammed many years ago in the United States of America, the author has been living an adventurous life. Harboring and intense desire to discover and learn how things work, he has embarked upon many challenging careers. A man who tries to fix everything including a society. He has lived in Europe and China and has studied world religions and cultures. Earned himself several degrees and diplomas from various colleges, academies and vocational schools. A Vietnam and Cold War decorated veteran who served in the US Military. He has been both an employee and an employer. Currently, he is semi-retired and working in close contact with nature and society. During the last decade, a writer of books on health science and immortalist philosophy. He has been married three times, divorced once, widowed once and now married. Lives as a self-proclaimed immortal in the USA. Writes articles published in local newspapers and blogs on political websites. Loves to teach and engage in meaningful conversations with people harboring diverse opinions. Enjoys biking and several non-contact sports. He has an intense desire to create a utopian existence wherein people can live safely in peace and harmony.

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