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Recently, I have been fortunate to be involved in an exciting new start-up company. We are hoping to make this site the #1 place on the web for online music lessons and musical discussions of all kinds. Check it out when you get the chance!

I am an up and coming jazz drummer who is currently working on the construction of my first recording studio, and to find success with an original band. I have a four-year degree in jazz studies from Michigan State University, and over twelve years of experience playing the drums.

Different genres of music, and especially drumming styles, are each languages unto themselves, and I would say that my main fluencies lie with jazz, classic rock, and electronic music.

However, I am a huge hip-hop, and classical music fan as well, the latter of which I studied extensively in college. Keeping abreast of the current trends in music can be important for success in a musical career in its own right, but I have a genuine interest and love for all styles of music; with the belief that they are spawned from a struggle, and a place of compassion which is common to all human beings.

This "genuine interest" mirrors my thought and theory that music is one of the greatest vehicles for promoting interest in other cultures and in learning about people from whom you are different.

In fact, Music is the strongest cultural vehicle used by diverse individuals to connect with one another.

It appears that, very often, spoken language barriers, and fear of rejection keep an individual from linking with people who are not of their socioeconomic or cultural group. And the finer arts, fashion, and the literary arts are often too abstract to reliably form communicative understanding between different groups of people.

But for some reason, human beings do not in general find this to be the case with music. In music, we shed our fear of rejection and embrace our shared humanity. And although music is somewhat abstract, the most prominent vehicle for music, songs, are artistic creations that can be used for communication through the use of idiomatic expression, rhythmic and tonal structures, and the use of thematic content.

Basically, for those who are receptive, songs can express many, many things at once, and that is why people often get "wrapped up" in their favorite music.

We still have our prejudices, sure, but overall the rate at which different cultures will be tolerant of differences based on music, are far higher than with other things like fashion and food - the point being that music can bring two diverse people to a common understanding in a way that virtually no other form of communication can.

My sincere hope is that you will find my music articles useful and will apply the information where you can towards your own fulfillment as a musician.

May you be blessed to have dreams, follow them, and succeed, and may peace be your lifelong companion.

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