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My name is Duane. I am from the Dallas area but now live in East Texas. I am here to write about my journey; my journey in this adventure we call life. Indeed it has been quite a ride. The first two hubs will be about food (my favorite topic) and about the lessons I have learned in life (in an attempt to keep those who are not too hard headed from making some of the same mistakes as myself). I am a teacher and a lover of language. I have a wife who somehow has managed to put up with me for 26+ years (yes, I realize I am much older than I look), and 2 awesome teenage kids, who thankfully take after their mother.

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  • Food For Me

    Food For Me

    14 months ago

    Anyone can cook. Some people will not believe me, but I am living proof. Follow me as I share some recipes that I have graduated to from my first year of cooking when most of my food was thrown away

  • My Lessons From Life

    My Lessons From Life

    14 months ago

    Supposedly with age comes wisdom, right? Well, that's debatable, but at the very least we gather life lessons from our experiences. Here, we will explore both the positive and the negative. To Life