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I am considered a 'Jack of all Trades' by my friends & colleagues, having changed careers several times in my life and because I am always teaching myself new skills due to my consistent urge to keep busy. I have done everything from Managing Restaurants, Catering, Selling Property, to Flying Helicopters (literally). I am currently running a Web Hosting & Computer Technical Support Company, which I started in January 2010.

My interests include Gardening, DIY, Computers and most things Internet related (Blogging, SEO, Web Design etc...). For fun I enjoy going out to Restaurants, Cooking and taking my dogs for a run along one of the many beautiful beaches near my home in Cape Town, South Africa.

I found HubPages whilst searching for methods to earn an income online. So, essentially I joined HubPages to test the waters and to see if it is possible to earn a decent income. Since I have been exposed to so much and since I am always consistently learning, I guess I may have quite a lot to share...

If you would like to make $$$ by writing amazing articles (called 'hubs') you may want to consider joining HubPages for FREE!

I hope you enjoy my HUBS and please feel free to comment!

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  • The Best way to Cook Lamb Shanks

    The Best way to Cook Lamb Shanks

    6 years ago

    Instructions on how to cook the best Lamb Shanks using an open fire and a cast iron pot or Potjie. Other than a fabulous recipe you also get some information about cast iron pots.