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I am a college student trying to balance my home life with two full-time jobs and a full course load at my university. I am never home for too long, but being this busy has really made time fly. I have a passion for reading and writing. I like controversial topics, such as religion, the most. I tend to stay away from politics as much as possible. I was once a budding athlete but the lack of support caused me to quit. It didn't matter to much as I later experienced a string of injuries including knee surgery. Now I enjoy watching, writing about, and predicting sports. I have no singular favorite sport but I enjoy watching NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, and MLB Baseball. I have read many sports writers blogs and feel like I am more objective and do not let my own biases get in the way, as others do. I am far from a band wagon sports fan. I do like the New York Yankees, the UNC Tarheels, and Arsenal; but I liked them before I knew they were great teams. I followed Derek Jeter before the draft and decided that I would pull for whatever team snagged him. I have lived in North Carolina my entire life and was always a Michael Jordan fan, which led me to the UNC fandom. I simply heard that there was a Futbol team named Arsenal and I decided that it was one of the most awesome team names ever. Other than this I have other allegances to teams that aren't really the tops in their sport, even though many of them are getting closer. Below is a list of my favorite teams by their sport, I may add more later:

MLB - New York Yankees

NBA - Charlotte Bobcats

NFL - Carolina Panthers

NCAA - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill & Appalachian State University

NASCAR - Denny Hamlin

Mens Tennis - Roger Federer

Womens Tennis - Martina Hingis

Mens Golf - Phil Mikelson

Womens Golf - Paula Creamer

WNBA - Do Not Watch...It is not a serious enough sport yet...Call me in 10 years when the talent pool fills up

NHL - San Jose Sharks

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