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Hello, I am a blogger and Youtuber. I have been very passionate about mobile technology for a while now. I mainly discuss Android and Chrome. Google products and services has been a great involvement in my life for some time now. I use Moto G5 Plus, ZTE Axon 7 Mini and iPhone 7 as my main smartphones and just love them. One of my favorite desktop browser is Chrome. The manin extenstions you can add on and how much they help me stay alert and productive works just great. I also am on FreedomPop and TextNow Wireless phone services. Which are the best phone services I have owned and used to date. I love discussing apps and I enjoy making tutorial videos and writing about the different things you can on mobile devices. As the motto I go with 'It's a Mobile World We Live In". I hope everyone enjoys the content that I bring to the site. Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to share my hubs with your family and friends and other hubbers.

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