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  • Tickled heart

    Tickled heart

    4 years ago

    You tickled my heart I say this with the softest whisper Gently, I bow my head and eyelids flutter Wind sweeps my hair Cool October dusk Golden highlights dance on the tall untamed grass Praise for such a glorious day Sinking into...

  • How to Make a Star Dance

    How to Make a Star Dance

    4 years ago

    "Purple Night Moon" by nuttakit Listen to the crickets sing Loving the Earth Laying flat across the supportive land Watch the dancing stars I mean really watch the stars When love is sent to the amazing sky Admired as if you hold a...

  • Tired Tears Have No Home

    Tired Tears Have No Home

    4 years ago

    Art by Christi Miller Tears do not have the strength to press this shield They sit behind solid walls The walls made of sand soon melt and are not so solid What is this sorrow never known? It is the woman's link A sacred bondage deeply...

  • Healing Across Infinity

    Healing Across Infinity

    5 years ago

    The warrior of truth awakes An artist of impeccable discernment Any illusion is so swiftly extinguished What needs to be pardoned is abandoned The light of love filters through all wounds Healing across infinity Gravitas Standing...

  • Go Into the Hunt

    Go Into the Hunt

    6 years ago

    Go into the hunt Unarmed Open, keen awareness Listen Each step A mystery The hunt stings The impenetrable heart Unyielding terror released To the nights wisdom Nothing is needed to replace Only allowing of the grand union ...

  • Only Love to Share

    Only Love to Share

    6 years ago

    I have found my art today Was it lost? No, only resting still I remembered that still And explodes this art Peace an eclectic mix Unites all who are willing Break open the closet Nothing to hide here Only love to share ...

  • An Amazing Presence While Working with Patients with Dementia

    An Amazing Presence While Working with Patients with Dementia

    6 years ago

    Dementia is a loss of brain function that affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. I work in home health as a physical therapist and occasionally have patients with some form of dementia that impacts their independent living. The...

  • The Eternal Shines

    The Eternal Shines

    6 years ago

    The eternal is shining through The identity that I knew is melting What is true? Who am I? The eternal one knows but does not speak She simply sees She moves with ultimate compassion Open this eternal light in you It will...

  • Inspired by the Sea

    Inspired by the Sea

    6 years ago

    The waves sing a loud roar The wind blows fierce The sand runs with the wind to the dunes Is it true that this is the tranquil beach of yesterday? In the depth and heart of the sea resides calm Today is not a day of calm Today is a...

  • The Quiet Sings

    The Quiet Sings

    6 years ago

    Music not heard by ears Quiet sings to the heart A vibration divine shutters the mind Melts the thickness and fractures the conditioned view There is nothing to understand The orchestra plays What is your instrument? Play with the...

  • I Am, Therefore I Love

    I Am, Therefore I Love

    6 years ago

    Love is an infinite universal fountain of sweet nectar that flows. Through my heart space I connect to this grand divine nectar. Love is a glow that energizes my soul. So enduring and everlasting is this ecstasy. Open and serene I expand to...

  • Time to Blossom

    Time to Blossom

    6 years ago

    "And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin Guarded and protected by the fiercest of shields Unable to move Bound by my own prison Inner resistance...

  • A Lesson in Sandcastles

    A Lesson in Sandcastles

    7 years ago

    Port A Sand Guy's Blog Port Aransas, Texas, located along the Gulf of Mexico, is known for its fine coastal cuisine and beach attractions. The first weekend of October, my mother-in-law organized her sixtieth birthday party / family reunion at her...

  • What Peace May Come

    What Peace May Come

    6 years ago

    In your most quiet of times, what do you think? Do you allow yourself silence? What peace may come in each moment? The moment now is when you open your heart and allow the earth's elegance to touch your heart. I am moved so effortlessly by...

  • Do I Have the Courage

    Do I Have the Courage

    6 years ago

    1000 year old Big Tree I feel like a sapling swaying with the simplest wind Tossed side to side, front to back Which way to go? Where do I stand? I skillfully watch the world The old oak tree Steadfast and strong with roots deep Is my...

  • A Step into Freedom

    A Step into Freedom

    7 years ago

    I stand on the edge of the cliff. A metaphorical cliff in the non reality world of my mind. In my mind I stand at the edge of existence. Not this physical existence but the internal existence of who I think I am. Am I willing to take another step...

  • There is No Death

    There is No Death

    7 years ago

    Pixomar Early 4 AM my 6 month old daughter with happy delight was not at all sleepy. She played on the un-lit living room floor while I sat nearby half awake admiring her sweet play. This early morning play will be a memory I will never forget. I...

  • Tonight I Change the world

    Tonight I Change the world

    7 years ago

    Tonight the gloom of my soul I can feel Tonight the sorrow of the fellow man I can feel Tonight I change the world I change the world by changing my point of view The world tomorrow and the world this minute is not in gloom but in...

  • Sacred Spaces

    Sacred Spaces

    7 years ago

    TripAdvisor Sacred spaces are all around us from the natural wilderness to created works by man. I love the study of environmental design. I had the wonderful opportunity to live and study architecture in Italy. It was in Italy that I opened to the...

  • Remembering Innocence

    Remembering Innocence

    7 years ago

    What is innocence? We are at each moment innocent. We speak and act how to know and how to do. When I think of innocence, I think of my 4 year old daughter who is full of happiness, joy and love. Each moment is excitement from learning how to dress...

  • Poetry of Peace and Beauty

    Poetry of Peace and Beauty

    7 years ago

    Dusk Delight The soaked sand from the salty ocean flames like gold with the sinking sun The gold is rich with flamboyant tones which will soon transcend to the harvest moon The dunes pulsate with the rhythm beat of the crashing waves The...


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