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Do not masquerade around as somebody who you are not, never camouflage yourself and be happy in your own skin. Don't let any society and especially your own, deject you. Never surrender to a society that fosters primitive superstitions and dogmas. ~ Nimrah Khan

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  • Dilapidated Building

    Dilapidated Building

    7 weeks ago

    This poem takes you on a journey of this girl who enters this dilapidated building. Read the poem to find as to why she finds this abandoned house so intriguing & familiar.

  • Thunderstorm


    6 weeks ago

    This poem is about having to fight your demons, making weaknesses your strengths. Not to cower but to spit and roar in face of fear, facing the giants. It's difficult but not impossible.

  • Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper

    6 weeks ago

    I potrayed Grim reaper as someone who tries take your life away from you, clips your wings & endeavours to limit you from the abilities you possess, most probably the society.