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About my life,

I was born in 1960's in Georgia, which was a part of the Soviet Union. Our ancestors immigrated to Georgia about 2000 years ago, when hostile forces took over Israel and many Jews were killed or exiled.

I grew up with 3 other brothers. I was the second of the four. My mom didn't work, because she believed that raising children was the most important job in the world. My father worked very hard to support us. I know that they struggled at times, but we lived a good life. They believed that staying true to yourself was the only way to live your life. They had an extremely high sense of honor and self-pride. They were, without any doubt, responsible people, socially and financially. If they gave their word on something, they would always adhere to it.

They taught me that the only honor you can have as a person, was through making an honest living, not by expecting someone else to do it for you. They were happy people. They believed in having a good time and did a good job teaching me that. Our happiness didn't depend on material things! Both of my parents believed that kids were the center of their lives, and they placed us as their highest priority.

My extended family is huge. My father had six brothers and my mom had a sister and 2 brothers. And then there were their cousins and their respective families. I am talking about hundreds of people. A month wouldn't go by without a family gathering or two - holidays, weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, etc. I was constantly socializing with people.

My family nicknamed me "King David". I ONLY remember them treating me the best way you could ever imagine. They always made me feel important and special. I didn't have an uncle, second uncle, aunt or cousin I wouldn't be happy to hang out with. I always felt welcome in their homes. They would always treat me as good, if not even better, than their own kids, and always offered me the best food or drink they had in the house. I had a bunch of cousins that became my best friends for life.

I knew nothing of materialism! I believed that I had a good life and as far as I was concerned, I had everything I needed. I simply had happy and healthy childhood!
My large family practiced traditions very strictly, despite the fact that practicing any religion was against the law in the Soviet Union. Their faith was so firm, that they were not afraid of communists or of going to jail. They practiced what they believed in. Eventually, after years of trying to suppress their beliefs, the soviets gave up and let my family practice their religion freely.

Their traditions included holiday observance, moral codes, honesty, business practices, family traditions, diet, etc. Eventually the general population in Georgia started following most of our customs and improved their standing in Soviet Union. They placed us, Jews, on a pedestal and let us lead them into becoming a better society. For the time we lived in Georgia, it was considered the best country to live in the Soviet Union, and its Tbilisi University was considered the best.

To the disheartening of the Georgians, in 1970's immigration to Israel become a possibility and we decided to go, every single one of my family. I graduated college and served in the Israeli army for 5 years. In early 90's I moved to the USA against my family's blessing. I was looking for an adventure and decided to stay.

Because of my traditional upbringing, I grew up to become a happy and positive person. I have happiness that emanates from within like shining light, and it is not dependent upon any material item or outside stimuli.

I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and I am an officer in the Israeli army. I served for 5 years, during the Lebanon war, in 1980's. I have lived on three different continents and interacted with countless interesting and highly educated people. I have always strived for more knowledge, and have lots of hobbies I spend my free time on, including Particle Physics, Electronics, Space, Psychology and World Religions.

This world is not random!
I wholeheartedly believe that when God made us, people, He gave each one of us a divine soul. The soul is the highest level of programming, and is capable of horrible and wonderful things. That is why each person is unique and different, no matter how stupid or intelligent they are. On the other hand, animals have basic programming and limited capabilities. No matter how much you train your dog, it will only be capable of understanding some basic commands. It will never become a thinking, feeling being, capable of making choices, possessing a free will. This fact will not change in a million years. According to some authorities, our souls are designed to drift into different bodies, in different lifetimes, until the time of the end, when they will be judged by God Himself, when their final faith will be determined. This world, as we know it, has an appointed time of an end, and we are living in the era of the Final Redemption. The End of The World, as we know it, is drawing near.
If you observe the world around you closely, you will see that it is getting worse by day. Although we have advanced technologically, we have lost the basic values that held us together as a society. It is a world where a brother hates brother, children hate their parents, family members sue each other for money and custody over pets, and crime level is sky-high. In this world, honest and moral people are considered stupid! There is no amount of laws lawyers can create to fix the problems this society has, and it will just get worse, unless WE ARE WILLING TO CHANGE.

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