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My name is Eartha and I am a web geek. My background is in web developing, however, I enjoy web marketing more than building out web sites. I am also a blogger and blog on my favorite topics such as health & fitness and business. You can find me doing most of my blogging on my fitness blog and self-employment blog.

I'm usually sipping on herbal tea and reading a good book when I'm not blogging. I enjoy working out daily. T-shirts and jeans are my favorite and I shop for unique t-shirts at cool places like Threadless or TeeFury.

I'm a Mac addict and adore my iPhone.

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  • Flax Seed Oil Manages My Eczema

    Flax Seed Oil Manages My Eczema

    6 months ago

    First off, if you suspect or do know that you have eczema, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting to use any type of supplement such as flax seed. Although it is natural, it can effect everyone...