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Earth Angel

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414 "Where the soul and the senses guide business and ethics” S. Grace

Blending the visual arts, music, poetry and creative philanthropy with divine presence, spiritual integrity, potent imagination, independent thinking, universal love & compassion, world religion, social discourse, personal philosophy, in-depth psychology and peaceful diplomacy.

HubPages is highly recommended by Earth Angel Publishing. If you are interested in joining a creative community, with high visibility, where you, the author keep full control of the copyright of your work, please consider joining us. It's free! free!

SAPPHIRE GRACE is an artist, author and spiritual activist. She is also the founder of Earth Angel Publishing, the creator of "Authentics: Life Skills by Conscious Design," Memories & Memoirs, Art & Soul, Artists for Animals, Inc. Spots with Integrity, among others.

Sapphire Grace, a voracious reader,writes reviews of truly inspiring books that make the world a better place.

For over 25 years Sapphire Grace has also been known as "The Preparedness Guru," helping over a thousand people get passed their fear of Disasters to take proactive steps toward preparation and awareness.

Earth Angel Publishing is proud to represent Sapphire Grace and will be releasing two of her books soon.

What fans say about Sapphire Grace: bold and brilliant . . . sensitive and sensual . . . independent thinking at its best . . . visually inspired . . . spiritually healing . . . moving and provocative . . .”

J.S. ALLEN is a spiritual counselor, peace advocate and poet of extraordinary talent. He follows in the footsteps of Rod McKuen and Kay Ryan. Earth Angel Publishing is proud to represent J.S. Allen; the first printing of "Sirens of Circumstance" sold out in a single day.

Earth Angel Publishing IS NOW TAKING ORDERS for his latest book series to be released soon.

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