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I basically write recipes from around the world. What's special is I write only what I have made and most of the time upload my own mouthwatering pictures. But I do write bits of this and that I find Interesting.

I am a Muslim, teacher by profession. Well as everyone (Hmmmmmmm?) is against Islam I thought of not including 'Muslim'. But why should I be ashamed of my religion and I guess most of you'll are not frogs in the well. You will all have a wide and far perspective about life and not label the Muslims terrorist. Terrorism is not associated to any religion but it is the disorder of the mind.

Well back to the topic I teach languages; English and Arabic, Health science and ENV. I never wanted to become a teacher but I do not regret my choice either. I believe that children are the best comedians, still promising myself on writing some jokes that happened between me and the little students, which will surely make you laugh till you cry.

What I wanted to be was a doctor, but do we always get what we desire? No... But we sometimes get something better :-). I love reading and writing listening to others experiences and stories. Mmmm... and if that was accompanied by good mouth watering food !! Now doesn’t that that sounds great.

I love to travel, meet different people and what I love to do; to be more accurate what I always do is .........ponder; About life, creation, attitudes character and habits. So that reminds me that I am a fan of science and psychology. I love photography (My profile picture, the leopard, is what I took at our local zoo now I have uploaded another of the marshmallows that I made at home) I love my friends and relations. I love nature. To top it all, I love . . . this site.

All the topics on which I have based my articles are things that I love. My recipes are tried so no worries and I would just love to hear what you think about my articles, the plus and the minus. :-)

I am a Sri Lankan I love my country its people and the eternal spring that my country gives me, I love its beaches, mountains, trees......everything.

You can read some of my articles to get an idea about my part of the world.

But my recipes come from all over the world.

Italian pasta, Thai barbecue, Malay chicken, Mexican Rice, Chinese chili paste...and lots more.

I love poems, Reading and writing it. I am hoping to add some of mine on info barrel.

I love quotes.Two of my favorite are:




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