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Hi! I am Melanie Bremner aka Mama Mel.

(2018 update) I have been working online now for almost 13 years. I teach classes offline a few days a week and still work my business online too. I am presently building a team of powerhouse writers and loving the training and skillsets of the group. Here is a little background on me.

I started out a few years back(2004 I think?) selling things online with eBay.I found out what a dropshipper was and was addicted. I began teaching eBay classes with my business partner Carol at a local community center and found that I enjoyed that even more.

Later, I ventured into many other things online, mostly e-commerce related, as I love to install and set up websites and get things started. I have a background in business and computer technology.

I have written several tutorial and how to e-books covering the topics and experiences I have learned, such as selling on eBay, selling on Cafepress, making money as a freelancer, how to set up and run an online store, working with dropshippers, writing and selling an e-book, and more.

My last job before becoming a mom again and deciding to stay at home and make money, was as a technical support rep for Hewlett-Packard all-in-one printers/scanners/fax machines. While it was one of my more favored jobs,I still desired to be my own boss.

Over the years, I have learned that I can make a better living for myself doing what I love: which is writing, teaching others how to get started online, and helping others through my Virtual Assistant services(now coaching over at melaniebremner.com)

I am at peace, home with my children and making money without the stress and hardships of an offline world. As my experience grows, so also does my faith in myself and my purpose.

And I am learning, that it is true, what someone once said:

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.”

Want to join my team? Come check us out at http://virtualcontentproviders.com

Want help getting started online building an ecommerce business or getting a book self published? Hit me up at my home base: http://melaniebremner.com

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