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Hello everyone, like most of us, I believe in a better world, and I do my share for achieving it by studying renewable energies. Reducing our dependence on oil is one goal that we must accomplish as a society, we can do it as long as we are all together


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    • Hub title length

      Hub title length

      4 years ago

      Hello everyone, I read  in the learning center this article about hub titles: http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/How- … ndly-TitleThey say that the title should be short (also mentioned for stellar hubs),...

    • duckduckgo


      4 years ago

      Duckduckgo is a search engine like google, but anonymous. I felt temped to make them some advertising since i found one of my hubs there at 7 place google haven't indexed me yet, so 1-0 for the duck, the crazy part, i...

    • Backlinking


      4 years ago

      Hello, I am new to article writing, just wrote my first 10 hubs (all featured) and I am trying to learn more about backlinks . How do you do it?

    • Change hub link

      Change hub link

      4 years ago

      Hello, i am new here, and still learning a lot about SEO, the deal is, can i change a hub link? I tried but saw no option. If I find a better keyword for my article how I change it?

    • choose hub topic

      choose hub topic

      4 years ago

      Hello everyone , i am new to hub pages and have and have a question regarding the hub topic. My hubs can relate to three topics: « Personal Finance → Frugal Living → Household Expenses → Saving Money on...

    • Back-link on hubs

      Back-link on hubs

      4 years ago

      Hello everyone, I joined hub pages recently and I have a question. I am making a series of hubs in the subject of saving money from reducing the electricity bill, in each hub has a topic. In the last text box I always...