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Writing is in my nature. Scenerios, stories, ideas run through my head even when they shouldn't, like when I'm driving trying to find a place I have never been before. Maybe thats why I get lost so often. My boyfriend hates that I need a GPS. He thinks I can't read maps. On the contrary, I can read maps like the average Jane. What I cannot do is turn off that part of my brain that always wants to write something. I even have the perfect audience in my head sending me thank you emails for helping them see the world in a different light. I hate when I get distracted and loose that train of thought that would have made a great story. I need a dashboard voice recorder in my SUV so I can record and then transcribe later, but I also have kids in the back and my two oldest would either laugh or offer their sarcastic remarks. Many wonderful stories have been forgot thanks to my loud children who love to fight over space in the backseat or how unfair it is when one has to wash the dishes but the other doesn't. I even lost the perfect bio I was planning to write for my profile here.

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