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    When Is Attack on Titan Season 4 Coming Out?

    3 years ago

    The date of the debut of the final season of Attack on Titan is hanging in the air - with the coronavirus pandemic looming over the production and pushing dates left and right, we go over everything we know about the last season's release date and news.

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    How Many Seasons Will My Hero Academia Have?

    3 years ago

    Will Boku no Hero Academia be as long as Naruto or One Piece? The series was predicted to last for about 30 volumes, but with its quick rise in popularity and the way the story is developing, it may be two to three times longer than that.

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    Bleach Anime Continues in 2021 - Everything You Need to Know

    3 years ago

    After eight years of static silence, Bleach is finally returning. "A Thousand-Year Blood Arc" is set to continue the story where it left off and the adaptation will bring the story to the close. However, given the current circumstances, can we really count on it coming as soon as 2021?

  • How to Identify and Correct Muscle Imbalance and Asymmetry

    How to Identify and Correct Muscle Imbalance and Asymmetry

    3 years ago

    Muscle imbalances can be caused by many things - a sedentary lifestyle, improper exercise routine, genetics, scoliosis, the list goes on. Muscular asymmetry is an issue and here we discuss ways to fix it, whether your concerns are health-related or purely aesthetic.

  • Working From Home - How to Maintain Work-Life Balance

    Working From Home - How to Maintain Work-Life Balance

    3 years ago

    Working from home may have its perks but for some of us, the lines between what we do for a living and what we live for start blurring very quickly. These tips may help you figure out how to create a healthy balance between your work and personal life, even when both those happen in the same space.

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    Will Berserk Get More Movies?

    3 years ago

    Berserk: The Golden Age Arc trilogy retold a part of Guts's story. More movies are planned with the aim of retelling the whole manga. However, these movies are still not explicitly confirmed.

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    When Will "One Piece" End?

    7 months ago

    The ending of "One Piece" and when it will occur is a heavily debated matter, with a lot of theories.

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    Will "Bleach" Anime Return, and When?

    3 years ago

    Bleach manga is ongoing, and there are many speculations and rumors about the continuation of the anime series. Will Bleach return or is the episode 366 really the last episode of Bleach the anime?

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    How to Increase Lung Capacity in Order to Run Longer

    2 months ago

    Wondering how to run longer and increase lung capacity? Running is excellent for physical conditioning. These breathing exercises can help runners build lung capacity.


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