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I am a family man making an honest living as a CPA and I am devoted to my family. My wife and I have a wonderful son who is on the autism spectrum with a diagnosis of asperger's syndrome. I am an active blog writer and I devote a lot of my writing to autism and our experiences in raising our son who is our pride and joy. We encourage him to be his very best. I also struggle personally with gender identity and have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and asperger's syndrome. I am now transitioning from male to female as I always felt and started HRT and electrolysis. i am very supportive of my family and currently been hospitalized for depression and my life long struggle with being transgender and I have many financial worries and concern for my family in the aftermath of losing my job. All I want is to find my peace, finally be true to myself, fully support my family and recover from my severe depression which has landed me in hospitals on 4 seperate occasions. It has been a life long struggle for me but I feel liberated as emily. I am grateful to my family, my friends who stayed by my side and the doctors and nurses who treated me with kindness, compassion and respect fully knowing i am male to female transgender. I am focusing on my recovery and trying my best to protect my family as I am entitled to disability and have an attorney representing me who is fully supportive and concerned for me and my family. I also am very concerned for my 14 year old son who is autistic and in need of services. I applied for SSI on his behalf and upset with their denial as this was my third attempt and given my current situation of being out of work they still refuse to help my son who desperatly needs help and has a disability as do I.

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