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I have been writing on the web for over a decade with a focus on editing digital photos. I also branch out into other subject areas where I have expertise, primarily used cars and technology.

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  • FACEinHOLE Photo Fun

    FACEinHOLE Photo Fun

    3 years ago

    Faceinhole is a website that lets you place a facial photo onto another body or object. Beyond faceinhole.com, it has become a slang term for the many websites that let you edit photos in this way.

  • Pixiz Photo Editor

    Pixiz Photo Editor

    23 months ago

    Pixiz offers high quality fun photo editing for free. You can create faceinhole photos, photo collages, apply filters and edit photos. There are many similar services like Photofunia, Ribbet & more.

  • Shape Collage

    Shape Collage

    3 years ago

    Shape collage is a free desktop application that creates customized photo collages with advanced options that will have you creating fun posters in seconds.

  • Pixlr Photo Editing

    Pixlr Photo Editing

    2 years ago

    Pixlr is a suite a photo and image editors with web based photo editors; desktop windows based photo editors; desktop mac based photo editors; iPhone Photo Editors and Android Photo editors.

  • Vtunnel Proxy Server

    Vtunnel Proxy Server

    3 years ago

    Vtunnel.com is a free anonymous web based proxy service. Vtunnel is also known as a CGI Proxy service. Majority of the blocked websites can be accessed because of Vtunnel website.

  • ImageChef Photo Fun

    ImageChef Photo Fun

    3 years ago

    ImageChef has it all - Meme Maker, Tattoos, Tree Carvings, Team Jerseys, Word Mosaics, id cards, photo frames, sketchpads, animations, license plates, iPhone Application, iPad Application.

  • Tuxpi Photo Effects

    Tuxpi Photo Effects

    3 years ago

    Tuxpi is a easy way to apply photo effects or picture frame effects to a photo directly from a webpage. you only need to upload a photo, apply a photo effect or picture frame and you have an image.

  • Photo505 Photo Editor

    Photo505 Photo Editor

    10 months ago

    Photo505 offers high quality photo editing for free; add cool funny photo effects online to your pictures without downloading any photo editing software; Similar to Photofunia, Deefunia and JPGfun.

  • Online Photo Effects - JPGfun.com

    Online Photo Effects - JPGfun.com

    15 months ago

    JPGfun is an online photoshop alternative. Check out reviews of JPGfun and other photo editors like Photounfia, PicMonkey and more to make difficult photoshop effects in mere moments.

  • Create Fun Videos

    Create Fun Videos

    2 years ago

    Save money and make great fun videos by skipping high-cost, high-end software for one of these free, easy-to-use services. Maybe you're looking to create a YouTube video, or you want to elf yourself.

  • Make Me Babies

    Make Me Babies

    3 years ago

    MakeMeBabies is using advanced face detection technology to predict what your baby will look like. Upload your photo, your partner's photo and make a baby in seconds!

  • Photofunia Style Photo Editors

    Photofunia Style Photo Editors

    4 weeks ago

    Photofunia is one of the web's leading fun photo editing sites and we take a look at more than 25 free photo editing services.

  • Fun Photo Editing

    Fun Photo Editing

    10 months ago

    Taking Digital Photos is easy and so is making those photos funny when you use these tools. Put faces in funny places; Make humorous posters; Moronize yourself; make your own spoof magazine covers

  • Fun Image Generator

    Fun Image Generator

    18 months ago

    Free photo creations - Make posters, make signs, make barcodes, make animated squirrels, make newspaper headlines, make funny photos, make puzzles. Make them to share on Facebook or print at home.

  • Photo Editing - Faces

    Photo Editing - Faces

    5 months ago

    In most photos, the person and the face is a key element. This site will show you a collection of free and commercial software that focuses on how to enhance faces.

  • Photo Collages and Mosaics

    Photo Collages and Mosaics

    23 months ago

    One photo is fun and two photos are more fun so a photo collage is a ton of fun. Services like Design A Mosaic, College.com, Pixisnap, Picartia, Picture2Life and PhotoVisi can make great collages.

  • Can you return a car?

    Can you return a car?

    2 years ago

    Many car buyers wrongly believe they can return a USED car but there is no national law in the US or Canada that requires a car dealer or a person selling a NEW or USED car to take a car back.

  • Make your own Passport Photos

    Make your own Passport Photos

    3 years ago

    Save money on Passport Photos and School Portraits with these Do-It-Yourself options.

  • Best Tools for Resizing Photos

    Best Tools for Resizing Photos

    3 years ago

    Today's digital cameras produce huge file and reducing file size enables social media sharing, faster loading, better management of the pictures and space saving - all without loss of picture quality.