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Ed Michaels is a poet, student of history, husband and father in west Texas. He is independent in his politics, but leans more left than right. In religion, he hovers undecided between agnostic and avowed atheist, depending on how angry he is at the moment at the power of the Christian right and its attack on American civil liberties and freedoms.

Talking of myself in the third person is getting annoying. My hobbies are tending to a Jack Russell, reading and researching (I actually enjoy the process of researching, which may be to some extent pathological), cooking (more than on the grill), and playing games, including RPGs. I tend to be a night owl, for five year olds do not respect quiet time, and I am occupied with homeschooling him part of the time. The rest of our day is spent playing. My understanding of the Minimate phenomenon is far too in depth for any adult to be comfortable with it.

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