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This 'Pinoy Blogger,' Edwinoel Tanglao, is an ‘adopted Texan' now happily living in LA with his lovely wife and two kids. He believes in the wisdom filled teachings of Jesus Christ as a Roman Catholic Christian practitioner; hails from another ‘City of Angels’, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, with a total of 5 children (one eldest twin son he believes is already 'like an angel' in heaven), the other two residing outside of LA.

This is what he believes: "a background may tell us who a person is in this earthly life. But what is most important is believing and sharing what comes from deep inside our hearts and spirit of what is true and lasts forever, for it makes us stronger in any circumstance, able to handle any obstacle and challenges in life, it is when we know we have conquered darkness with the light of truth, we may see how love heals and, by experience, sets us free from all evil. With Christ we have conquered the world, with The Lord of Light, in Jesus, our True Master of life, of truth and of love."

His name is meant to be, 'Edwin' as 'the Eastern Wind' having come from the east (Asia), a willing instrument of The Lord, one with the Holy Spirit, to help enlighten the modern world. In his being comes the 'rush of wind,' the Holy Spirit, that gives life and love, where Jesus is, as 'Noel,' meaning "God with us," and his last name being 'Tanglao,' rhymes wth 'light,' in tagalog, 'tanglaw' means 'light,'

His mom, Peth, wants him to be named 'Noel,' his dad, Jesus, wants 'Edwin,' to keep the two together came out, "Edwinoel." His parents passed away but feels their presence, living eternally with The Lord.

This hubbist has seen the light, now happy and blessed he is as an instrument of the light, together, with you and the many readers, all can be instruments of the light over darkness. A short and temporal life we may have, but in our love of others, our life can be very meaningful with The Lord, it is Him whom we boast, for in truth, everything comes from Him.

A member of the Knights of Columbus, he finds joy serving God and church, in the love of his family and of others as an active parishioner and a post communion catechist for kids.

Having undergone angioplasty procedure at the Heart Center in Manila in 2002 after a mild heart attack, and later hospitalized for a mild stroke in 2010 in Culver City, CA, he is now in great health using natural and God-given means of healing totally with ‘no Pharma medication,’ and finds fulfillment in sharing what is true about our Lord and Messiah, through his ministry, as the minister of the 'Word,'currently in 'hubpages where membership is free,' may we celebrate God's gift and the miracles of life in his interlinked sites:

For holistic healing and natural means to health - guidancehealthentertainment.com (with 4 other interlinked subsites for guidance, entertainment and internet marketing for newbies);

His wordpress site for videos and selected articles shared - guidancehealthentertainment/wordpress;

His YouTube shared videos - Edwinoel's YouTube Channel1;

His stumbleupon reviews and selected posts - Edwinoel's Stumbleupon shared likes and reviews;

His publicized Kindle ebooks sharing God's truth (links on hubs); and

Interesting Testimonies from Converts and the Faithful - Converts Blogroll.

His ministry with God and others here in the US and Canada where one may share with others his talents and gifts, be they material, physical or spiritual, all attuned to the "words of God,' in the unity of our faith in Christ, being stewards and all - not owners in this borrowed life, yet bestowed with 'free will' - may we help make a difference in this life as we KJOH (Keep Jesus in Our Hearts - it may be 'kj' or killjoy for some, but KJOH truly stands for peace and joy in this life and beyond, onto eternity) - Invitation to Help People Learn Better Ways Towards Debt Freedom and Financial Independence. Email him via guidancehealthentertainment@gmail.com for questions or help on his ministry goal, 'where freedom lives,' a great way to be a part in nation building onward to middle America giving a chance for even the marginalized to prosper, if only they believe in their spirit and have great faith in their heart.

He shares on how putting God first in everything that he does has kept him fulfilled in this life. For Edwinoel, being immersed into the light of Christ Jesus, 'God becomes everything.'

He appreciates you creating links to his hubpages and shared sites, and better if you may want to become a follower, sharing phrases and quotes taken from his posts as we share in the light of truth in Christ, just remember to please back link them to referred pages' corresponding URL to avoid penalty on copyright laws and plagiarism. Give credit to whom it is due and be more blessed, that in all these, God may be glorified in doing things right.

Thank you for your visit, and do appreciate your views, comments and links on and to his hubpages. Take care and Godspeed. (Copywright@2011-2016,edwinoel tanglao all original hubs)

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