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7-year marketing specialist including SEO, database management, content writing, direct response, copywriting/graphics/photoshop

Marquette University, BA Communications


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    • Little Milestone Hit!

      Little Milestone Hit!

      3 years ago

      Hit my milestone of being accepted by Adsense (they turned me down last month when I only had a few hubs). So I feel I'm "official' since yesterday and see I've made two cents!! Thank you helpful Hubbers, for your...

    • Color Blind

      Color Blind

      4 years ago

      Ooookay, I didn't want to have to ask this rudimentary question, but I can not figure out how to put a copy block in color, like our templates show. I see a little message that says to add color everything has to be...

    • Help….Adsense rejection

      Help….Adsense rejection

      4 years ago

      I just received a rejection for my application for Adsense; the long letter describes thing that simply are not going on in my hubs..not enough content..to many videos, too many headlines etc. Could they be mistaken? Or...

    • Crazy stupid question

      Crazy stupid question

      4 years ago

      This may be a crazy stupid question, but is Google or Hub counting my clicks on my own Hub in Views. I kinda assumed my own IP address would be screened out…is this true?

    • Ok, I'm asking for it.

      Ok, I'm asking for it.

      4 years ago

      I've got my crash helmet and seat belts on. Please fire away with your critique! http://egamboa.hubpages.com/hub/Whats-In-Your-Cosmetics

    • Any number type guesses?

      Any number type guesses?

      4 years ago

      I know this kind of questions are very subjective, realizing that I'd still appreciate you throwing out any guesses on my number goal. If my first article scored 84 (my publishing goal is 15), and then received 100...

    • So I need to manually paste in the Google Analytics tracking code

      So I need to manually paste in the Google Analytics tracking code

      4 years ago

      I just opened a Google Analytics account and posted all the necessary information for my HubPages; however a screen came up that says "This is your tracking code. Copy and paste it into the code of every page you...