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    4 years ago

    Esther, an orphan Jew became the queen of a vast empire. She saved the whole nation of Jews from death. The Jews still celebrate Purim in honour of Esther.



    3 months ago

    Judaism is based on the often unethical speculations of various rabbis for hundreds of years. Judaism believes there are three main methods of expiating one's sin. (1) there is the sacrificing of animals (OT). (2) Doing good deeds or giving to charity and (3) there is repentance. Jesus strongly...

  • The Ten Commandments in the Bible

    The Ten Commandments in the Bible

    9 months ago

    The Ten Commandments were written by the finger of God and are permanent. They signify Love God and Love Man. The Catholic Ten Commandments are different from the Bible. Keeping the Ten Commandments is essential.

  • Israel: Seven Species (7) Honey

    Israel: Seven Species (7) Honey

    10 months ago

    Seven species symbolize the close relationship between God and Israel. Date/honey is one of them. It signifies that a person can be righteous,and can follow obligation and abundance. Keep all the commandments and you may prolong your days in the land. In Jewish tradition, honey is a symbol for...

  • Halloween: A Pagan Rite

    Halloween: A Pagan Rite

    8 weeks ago

    Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, the last day of the Celtic calendar.Originally a pagan holiday, it is to honor the dead. Created by the Catholics to convert pagans, and celebrated on November 1st. The Catholic church honors the dead saints on this designated day. Activities include...

  • God's Herb: Aloe Vera for Immune System

    God's Herb: Aloe Vera for Immune System

    10 months ago

    Aloe vera was used for embalming Jesus. Aloe vera is considered beneficial for the immune system. The three main categories of research include anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial, and anti-viral actions of Aloe vera. Aloe Vera has been used by Native Americans, Indians and the Caribbean to...

  • The Trials of Job

    The Trials of Job

    6 months ago

    Testing of Job more severe than man. His three friends did not understand his suffering. God opened his eyss and he understood. Job repented and was blessed.

  • The Angels in the Bible (1)

    The Angels in the Bible (1)

    6 months ago

    The angels are God's army who carry out His biddings. Angels appeared in the Old Testament to Abraham, Moses and also Lot before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. In the New Testament, the angel appeared before Mary, mother of Jesus In the last days of the world, the angels will carry out...

  • God's Covenant With David

    God's Covenant With David

    10 months ago

    God's important covenant with David was that the Messiah would come from David. David's Repentance was real. All sins forgiven except blasphemy.



    6 months ago

    Jewish ritual blesses the fruit of the vine on the Sabbath and Holidays. Grapes was one of the seven species of food there in Israel. Grapes are a symbol of joy Wine has been set apart by God for service to God, Jesus is the true vine.

  • Be Ye Angry, and Sin Not

    Be Ye Angry, and Sin Not

    11 months ago

    You may be angry when you see an injustice, any wrongdoing, and provoked without cause. Let not the sun go down on your wrath means you must not let anger continue the next day. Love God and Love Man. You must forgive and try to help the person change into a better person. Mayo Clinic has 10...

  • Born of Water and the Spirit

    Born of Water and the Spirit

    10 months ago

    Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3). No sinner can go to heaven. A sinner dies in his sins when he is baptized in the name of Jesus in the water, and is reborn a new creature.



    5 months ago

    The Holy Spirit of God is the same Holy Spirit of Jesus. The names in the Old Testament differ from that of the New Testament. The functions are also somewhat different. In the New Testament, the Spirit of Christ is manifested in miracles including casting out evil spirits.

  • Biblical Baptism

    Biblical Baptism

    10 months ago

    2 types of baptism, one for repentance (John)and the other for salvation (Jesus). During baptism the Holy Spirit, the water and the blood must be present. The blood of Jesus cleanses us must be present when the person is baptized for the blood in the water cleanses us of sins spiritually.



    2 years ago

    Avocado is not only good to eat but helps cure cancer and aids diabetes. Research at Tufts University shows it helps optimizing brain function. Contains highest level of carotenoid lutein of most common fruits.

  • Two Sisters, Two Nations, Two Enemies

    Two Sisters, Two Nations, Two Enemies

    10 months ago

    Two Moabite sisters married two Jewish brothers. After the death of their husbands, one left for her former family, but the other followed her mother-in-law back to Israel. The one who went with her mother-in-law remarried a rich relative and became an ancestress of David. The other woman...

  • GARLIC: My 98 year old uncle eats fresh garlic every day

    GARLIC: My 98 year old uncle eats fresh garlic every day

    4 years ago

    Eating garlic frequently helps cure cancer. My 98 year old uncle is proof that he survives the family cancer gene. Some died in the late 30s. Most died of different cancers. He outlives 4 brothers, 5 sisters, 5 nieces, 3 nephews, wife and 2 children. He is the only member of his generation...

  • A  TEST  OF  FAITH: 4 Members of Family with 4 Types of Cancer

    A TEST OF FAITH: 4 Members of Family with 4 Types of Cancer

    11 months ago

    Our family has the cancer gene. Four members have four different cancers, breast, ovarian, prostate and colorectal. The two female members with breast and ovarian cancers did not survive. We still believe in the mercy of God.

  • Lifting Up Hands in Worship and Prayer

    Lifting Up Hands in Worship and Prayer

    6 months ago

    When Moses lifted up his hands in battle against the Amalekites, he prevailed. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, David, Micah, Paul and the church all lifted their hands in victory. The majority clasp their hands. Only the minority lift up their hands in worship.


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