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Who am I? Let corporate America tell it, I'm an ex-professional with a problem dealing with authority. Let the conservatives tell it, I'm a socialist. Let the liberals tell it, I'm a right wing nut job. Let the straight people tell it, I'm a freak. Let the gays tell it, I'm a homophobic. Let some of my people tell it, I'm a sell-out. Let the other folks tell it, I'm a reverse racist. Let some Christians tell it, I have no religion. Let some atheists tell it, I'm a bible thumper. Let the laborers tell it, I'm a slave driver. Let the business owners tell it, I'm not of a profit driven mindset.

In short people, it's complicated! I belong to no set political agenda and the MessYah who redeemed me, redeems and offers rebirth to all people. So, while some folks upset me to the point of cussing, I cannot judge them, so I will not. Nor will I vote with people who claim to know the Messiah and do so much that is outside of His teachings and the nature of YHWH as told in the scriptures.

I've worked in corporate America for 25 years of my life. I now own 3 corporations and 1 not-for-profit. I have worn many hats both as an employee and entrepreneur, but in all of these I have worn one consistently...."Black American", a descendent of the Hebrew subjugation and slavery of the American empire. I think we all understand that this people, who built this country, are the people of the Book.

Applied Christianity deals with the walk of those unfamiliar with the Most High, the MessYah; His Son and the scriptures that were left here for His people, so that they might benefit all people. What time it is, who you and I are and where we all come from is in the scriptures. The state of the world and all of the political changes we see are all in the scriptures. Some of us have graduated from "Religion" and come to a place of "Relationship" with the Most High.

Let's expand our minds! ;-)

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