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Eldon Arsenaux

Joined 3 years ago from Cooley, Texas

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  • A-Part in Compartmentalization

    A-Part in Compartmentalization

    22 months ago

    Virgil went to quit his cigarette habit. He took it to Uncle Elias’ U-Store-It Self-Storage. His Chevy hit the county line of Cooley at a quarter to seven.

  • GAMMA (γ)

    GAMMA (γ)

    23 months ago

    Paradoxical sleep, the REM state, is the stage of slumber wherein we dream vividly, experience electrochemical sensations most similar to our waking physiology. The paradox lies in lucid dreaming; we

  • Roadside


    23 months ago

    I’ill tell ye where they’re stoppin, he said. He shucked a smoke from the frontpocket of his coveralls and lit it. Looks ta be come from Cooleyway, dudn’t it? The man sucked at his cigarette.

  • From Dust

    From Dust

    2 years ago

    The War, Papa said. He stated all war was metaphor anyway so it didnt matter which and left it at that. Bill asked what a metaphor was. Sumpthin it aint, Papa responded.

  • La Purísima

    La Purísima

    22 months ago

    Her image too sacrosanct to be incarcerated there. With him.

  • why we all call him Doctor Proctor

    why we all call him Doctor Proctor

    2 years ago

    ...on the first day of class he told everyone to call him Doctor Smith. And totally stressed the Doctor, like, a million times and... Yes, I know the type.

  • The Magic 8-Ball Motel

    The Magic 8-Ball Motel

    2 years ago

    R. Roe returned to his cups of Joe, swallowed alternately from each –until the contents were exactly halved— then combined them, using one cup as a koozie for the other. It seemed fitting.

  • Cooley County Carnival

    Cooley County Carnival

    2 years ago

    Duckshoot! Duckshoot! Step right up! Step right up! Fer a mere! four tips win the prize o’yer choosin. Just shoot the ducks!... Cain’t win if ya don’t play!... Sir. Mayam... Here... Duckshoot!

  • The TraumaTracker

    The TraumaTracker

    2 years ago

    nside GlassReels, you may live many vicarious lives, and die, many extrapersonal deaths. Will you choose belief? Press ENTER, at your own risk.


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