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Hi, thanks for visiting! My real world name is Dean Walsh and I am from Birmingham, England, the city of a thousand trades.

I am an electrician with an interest in hobby electronics, hence the username. But in actual fact, I make my money through the internet now, trading in digital currencies like Bitcoin, writing for various sites like Hubpages, and taking the odd freelance job - anything to avoid having to set my alarm in the morning to go to work at a real job! I'm not getting rich from it, but I love the freedom.

I love technology and gadgets and stuff, so that is mostly what I write about on Hubpages. I like trying to make technical subjects more accessible to non-technical people, so you'll find lots of beginners guides and articles to introduce you to new subjects - hope you find them interesting!

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      • Cloudflare Protected Link returning 503 code

        Cloudflare Protected Link returning 503 code

        3 years ago

        I have a link on one of my hubs which goes to a page protected by Cloudflare DDoS protection. Because this service performs a browser check before redirecting the user to the actual link it is being wrongly marked as a...

      • Thank you TV news!!!

        Thank you TV news!!!

        3 years ago

        I have a hub about the Dark Net for beginners which is at the top of google search results and normally gets a few hundred visitors per day. Last night I noticed the TV news was running reports about the Dark Net saying...

      • Digital Currency Payments

        Digital Currency Payments

        3 years ago

        Since we hubbers are making our money here digitally, it would be great if Hubpages could send us payments from the ad program in digital currency using Bitcoin, or even better Ripple.Either of these would have lower...

      • Anyone tried Headliner.fm?

        Anyone tried Headliner.fm?

        3 years ago

        The Wordpress.com website is promoting this, prompting you to sign up and promote your post after you publish it. Basically you get points for sharing other member's content and then spend those points creating...

      • New Hubs by Topic

        New Hubs by Topic

        4 years ago

        I like finding new hubs to read through the topic pages, but often I end up going back to the same topics which I'm interested in and finding very few new hubs - it would be nice if there was a section on the topic...

      • Beginner's or Beginners'

        Beginner's or Beginners'

        4 years ago

        If I am writing a guide for beginners should it be 'A Beginner's Guide' or 'A Beginners' Guide' or are both correct?I have seen both used in various places although the use of beginner's seems to be more popular.Both...

      • Comments and SEO

        Comments and SEO

        4 years ago

        The comments capsule in hubpages lets you choose whether to display all comments or just the most recent 5, 20, 50 etc. Does anyone know which option, if any, is better for SEO?I think I'm right in saying that comments...

      • How Do You Motivate Yourself for a Challenge?

        How Do You Motivate Yourself for a Challenge?

        4 years ago

        I've had a fairly prolific start to my Hubpages writing career, publishing 13 hubs in my first 10 days (including a few over 2000 words) out of the excitement of starting something new. But as the 'newness' starts to...

      • Is 2500 Words Too Long for a Hub?

        Is 2500 Words Too Long for a Hub?

        4 years ago

        I'm working on a hub providing a beginners guide to programming languages and its getting quite long - I'm definitely going to hit 2000 words with it and will probably go up to 2500 unless I really make an effort to...