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If I were J.D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield, I'd tell you that my childhood was irrelevant and frequently touch my hand to my special kind of hat.

If I were Bilbo Baggins, I'd say, "Good morning," and write our little appointment in a daily calendar book so I could make sure that I answered your questions in a timely, polite manner.

If I were Alyosha from Brothers Karmazov, I'd be this paragon of virtue smiling at the simple gift of an onion.

And if I were Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, I'd be sizzling with repressed rage while speaking perfect French.

But somehow, i'm just me and that means I'm also a combination of all these characters I've read and loved. Aside from reading, I adore writing, grammar, eating peppers, laughing inappropriately at childish jokes (adults are rather boring at times) and swapping stories about life. Oh, I also adore writing about "religion" but only because of the more interesting stories found in it.

What can you find here, though? Poetry. Book reviews. Old english papers and some musings on current events. Among other things. Hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to comment as you wish. I enjoy other perspectives than the characters in my head.


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  • My No-Frills Guide to Treating a Blood Blister

    My No-Frills Guide to Treating a Blood Blister

    7 years ago

    When I was training for my first marathon (completed 9-18-10 at the US Air Force Marathon), I encountered a few problems that I’d never thought would be a part of the process. For instance, I’d heard and...

  • Must Have Dance Songs at Wedding Receptions

    Must Have Dance Songs at Wedding Receptions

    6 years ago

    Despite the common notion that wedding receptions are places where tasty food is served for free (minus the cost of whatever gift given to the bride and groom), it is my firm conviction that a good wedding reception is...