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I am sure you are not expecting me to start telling my life story right here. It is not my fault. There are too many internet rants and bullies making the cyber space unsafe. It is no longer advisable to get too personal with one's contact details online cause one may never know if the hater lives next door.

How I look,what I do, where I come from, if I have children or how my wife looks like is less of concern on the internet. I only have one goal online, and the goal is to 'provide quality content for my readers'. However, if you like my content and insist to have a chat with me beyond this space, then we can figure a secured way to do that.

It is not a good idea if you have pictures of you and your family online. There are too many cases in the world of people going nut for no reason. You never know when your articles or comments will touch the hotspot. Be safe!

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