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I am a native Floridian who greatly enjoys the outdoors, especially the Florida sunshine! Some of my interests include writing poetry, bike riding, reading and listening to music.

I appreciate being able to share some of the poetry I have written over the years and thank God as it has been an outlet for me to express myself. My prayer is that it will allow God's beauty to shine through the words..



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  • Does time heal all wounds

    Does time heal all wounds

    15 months ago

    It is said that time heals all the wounds of a heart But what happens to pain from which some cannot part It begins to build walls no one can get through Locking feelings inside with not even a clue Some...

  • The Whisper of Angels

    The Whisper of Angels

    15 months ago

    As the angels peek down From the heavens above Through the winds they will whisper Of our Father's true love Though the winds sometime fade There's no need to despair God's love is eternal It will always...

  • Innocence


    15 months ago

    Oh little girl with the long golden hair I'm so glad to see you haven't a care Your mind is so free as it drifts off to ponder Which flower to smell in your world full of wonder The colors are all so...

  • Love's Garden

    Love's Garden

    15 months ago

    The garden fresh with morning dew was lit from heavenly sunshine up above Companions side by by side in search of the One they knew as Love Branches overhead were gently swaying casting shadows on the ground ...

  • Dancing With Dreams

    Dancing With Dreams

    15 months ago

    On distant shores My dreams alight Resting carelessly All through the night The pain and the struggle They know not of Sleeping tucked far away In a haven of love Oh truest of hearts Dare not skip a...

  • The Beauty of God

    The Beauty of God

    15 months ago

    Oh tell me our Father of the mystery in this We were prisoners tis true chained to sin that exists           You sent a Precious Savior... Oh tell me our Father is there wisdom not found That...

  • Our Eyes Shall See the Wind..

    Our Eyes Shall See the Wind..

    15 months ago

  • As the Stars Shine

    As the Stars Shine

    15 months ago

    Oh, Keeper of the Stars, did you light each one by hand?  Are even the tiniest of things that important to You?  For the stars have no voice, theirs is a silent beauty to share; and they perform no duty to merit your...

  • A Taste of Freedom

    A Taste of Freedom

    15 months ago

    There's a yearning inside crying out to be free Breaking out of restraint from every captivity Soaring to greater heights tasting love never known To a place unfamiliar full of grace to be shown May we...

  • Seasons


    15 months ago

    Seasons of life can create patterns in the patchwork of our mind Some we choose to stitch together others we try to leave behind If in haste we judge the present with feelings tattered and torn No tender...