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Bio, huh? I suppose I could write something inane here -- something about my husband and our half-dozen kids and a dog and three cats and all that stuff...but admit it -- you don't really care, do you? I could also write about my job, but you'd be bored by that, too (God knows, I am, at least when I'm not irritated, annoyed or frustrated with it). I could rattle off publishing credits but if you were that interested, you'd find them yourself. Or not. Besides, there's that promotion thingie...so instead, a word of caution:

Don't buy it all or you'll wind up with nothing.

Now...when you figure out what that means, let me know.

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    How to Unstick a Trumpet Valve

    9 years ago

    just when you've got your clothes all cleaned and pressed. Just when you've finally figured out the intricacies of your solo and you're starting to feel comfortable with the music...you pick up your instrument, put the...