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  • Swept


    9 months ago

    Life is a balance of being swept into the air and anchoring yourself to the ground. Never be afraid to be swept or to hold on for dear life.

  • Still It Stands

    Still It Stands

    11 months ago

    It stands as a reminder of achievement, courage and valor; it is a spectacle for all to see. A storm shall pass and it will still stand, impermeable, and unshakable.

  • Make Those Moments

    Make Those Moments

    11 months ago

    Our lives are filled of moments we wish could transpire again and again, as well as moments we wish we never experienced at all. Our lives are defined by the moments; moments that we create for one

  • They Say Love Hurts

    They Say Love Hurts

    11 months ago

    Everyone has been hurt whether it was from a relationship, family issues or outside circumstances. We all know what it feels to be loved and unloved.

  • It was the Lies

    It was the Lies

    11 months ago

    Maybe I am missing something. Tirelessly, I struggle to see it. In the midst of failing to understand I turn to hate, to sorrow, I try to forget. Yet, every second, every memory is bound to me, it ha

  • The Storms of Life

    The Storms of Life

    11 months ago

    At first, each drop is noticeable. You flinch as the cold, sharp rain hits your shirt, then your head, and next your leg. They all hit with intense randomness.

  • The Spectrum of Life

    The Spectrum of Life

    11 months ago

    Life can either be construed as a collection of miracles or chaotic events. How do you view your life? Does your perception stay consistent regardless of the experience?

  • I Don't Fear Failure

    I Don't Fear Failure

    12 months ago

    For most, failure is the worst that can happen. For others, we have experienced a welcome of the darkness, which scares us the most.

  • Life On A Boat

    Life On A Boat

    12 months ago

    A collective of 900 billion people share this earth, how is it that there are times when we feel completely alone?

  • The Weary Traveler

    The Weary Traveler

    12 months ago

    "And when it is finally safe, the road is paved, marked and surrounded by beauty; only then do you realize what you left behind." This is for all those weary travelers that have decided to keep moving