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I spent years battling an eating disorder and body image issues, poor self-esteem, anxiety, and the way-too-common feelings of just not being good enough. I wasted energy comparing and judging myself, and always assuming I came up short.

I felt imprisoned by self-judgement. No matter how many times I read “just love yourself” I couldn’t fathom the idea of it. My self-loathing was ruining my health, my relationships, and my life. I felt like I was broken, and I was exhausted from picking myself apart.

In 2014, I was hit by a vehicle. After experiencing a brush with death, it made me re-think everything I had previously been surrounding myself with. Did I need to be depriving my body and mind of nutrients? Did I need to be pushing my body to the point of injury? Did I need to be over-working until I had no life left? Did I need to be wasting my precious energy by filling my mind with comparisons and self-hatred?

When you realize how quickly and easily your life could pass by, the answer to those questions is always no.

After recovering from my injuries, I decided to take back my life and start manifesting my dreams.

I've re-written the story I thought was my life. My hope is that by living and speaking my truth, I can help you live and speak yours as well.

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