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My name is Silvia. I am 34 years old, mother of a boy and wife.

I'm doing a graduation in Criminal and forensic science by day and web design at night.

I wrote a book, a hardcore one with bdsm and crime and forensics. Mão Crua only in Portuguese so far.

I love animals specialy cats. Come and meet my pets and learn some about the breed of Norwegian Forest cats.

Lets share our love for these fabulous felines!

Newest familly member is an Agapornis bird, hand raised.

We also have Roborovski hamsters. I hope to have ratz cause I love them.I am crazy about ferrets, sugar gliders, snakes, iguanas and pretty much every animal that has a heart beat.

I don't like spiders or scorpions.

I also will use this page to talk about other themes, tips to save, web design and many more.

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  • Poisonous plants to cats, Most complete list

    Poisonous plants to cats, Most complete list

    4 years ago

    As you already should know, cats musn't be allowed to eat plants, only cat grass as most plants are hazourdous to them. The following list contains some of the plants that have been acknowledged as having...