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  • Why I'm Leaving Hubpages

    Why I'm Leaving Hubpages

    19 months ago

    Why this 'community' is not something I wish to be part of

  • Don’t cull badgers DO chip Dogs?!

    Don’t cull badgers DO chip Dogs?!

    3 years ago

    The mixed messages from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals

  • The Deep Blue Sea

    The Deep Blue Sea

    3 years ago

    Rachel Weisz stars in the London film festival gala film, based on the Terence Rattigan play and directed by Terence Davies, on post war London love

  • Precious - Film Review

    Precious - Film Review

    3 years ago

    Synposis: A teenager in 1980s Harlem escapes her life of abuse and educational struggle Precious is a case in showing that some film synopses are inaccurate and one even wonders if the writers have seen the film. The Picturehouse brochures - a...

  • Dangerous Preachers

    Dangerous Preachers

    3 years ago

    I attended a provincial parish church today and felt the sermon rather ironic - and dangerous. It was on false teachers. Yet the message itself was riddled with concerning signs. In informal churches, it is rare for the preacher to mount the...

  • Enid Blyton - BBC drama

    Enid Blyton - BBC drama

    3 years ago

    BBC4 just televised a one off drama on her. This review is as scathing as it was to her It's not that I'm a special fan of Enid and her morals. Actually, I haven't touched one of her books in years and the last time I did, I found them rather twee...

  • Ipswich Film Theatre

    Ipswich Film Theatre

    3 years ago

    Ipswich Film Theatre These thoughts were from Feb 2010 I am saddened to hear that Hollywood Film Theatre at Ipswich has closed last week. I have long felt that Ipswich does not have the right kind of arts cinema and that this lets...

  • Killing the Cinema Industry

    Killing the Cinema Industry

    3 years ago

    Is it Sky TV or the internet that makes cinemas struggle? Is it home cinema systems and cheap DVDs? No... it's audience behaviour. Why do many of us prefer to watch films at home? Are we lazy? Are cinemas too expensive? Do we not care about...

  • Noise Pollution

    Noise Pollution

    12 years ago

    We live in an ever noisier world. Our cinemas have gotten louder since my youth. What's meant to be impressive new sound technology to attract customers makes the cinematic experience a painful one. Our shops, cafes, pubs all blare out at us as we...


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