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I am a full time administrative assistant, part time freelance writer, and part time student. I am married and consider my dogs to be my children. My current hobby is learning as much as I can about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and blogging, and hope that I can parlay this hobby into a career that will allow me to replace or exceed my current salary and work from home.

Please check out my new blog "Shopping for a Few of My Favorite Things" and be sure to leave a comment to say hello!

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    • Number of adsense page impressions wonky?

      Number of adsense page impressions wonky?

      9 years ago

      I've been watching my numbers in adsense lately (sad as they are), because it doesn't seem as though page impressions have been registering correctly. I checked yesterday's total this morning, and it is actually LOWER...

    • I just screwed up...

      I just screwed up...

      9 years ago

      ... and mis-clicked right onto an Adsense ad on one of my own hubs. Are bad things going to happen? Will the sky fall? Will big guys in sunglasses show up at my house with ball bats? Worse, will they banish me to the...

    • Disappearing Comments?

      Disappearing Comments?

      9 years ago

      I'm finding that, occasionally, comments that have already been approved suddenly come up as having been denied. The only way I realize this is if I happen to notice that the overall number of comments on my hubs has...