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Hey, I'm Emily! I am a lover of makeup, anime and of course writing! Like I said I love watching anime/reading manga. I also enjoy drawing my favorite characters and uploading my drawings on deviantART. Besides that though I also find joy in makeup and beauty, whether it's watching videos on youtube or trying out new looks. Anyway, I'm here to share my views on anime/manga and possibly makeup as well. Writing seems like the perfect medium to express my views and I hope you all will enjoy reading my content and hearing from me. I hope to have a positive experience improving my skills and trying something new here on hubpages.

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  • What Makes Anime Fans Ashamed of Liking Anime?

    What Makes Anime Fans Ashamed of Liking Anime?

    4 years ago

    What makes anime so embarrassing to talk about for some individuals? Why do people feel compelled to conform to the forms of entertainment accepted by society? We all have the right to individuality.