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Hi, welcome to my bio. My name is Sandra and about two years ago I discovered that those weird things that happened to me actually had a name, I was an empath, and that there were a bunch of people in my situation. One thing lead to another, and a nice group with similar ideas (the need to not only cope, but take it to the next level) gathered in what we called the Empath Zone Community. After a while we started sharing information regarding physical elements that help us, so the first store for the empath community was created in Empath Zone. I am going to write about the main concepts which arise from our conversations, and how they can make the life of other empaths happier. Empathy is a gift and not a curse. We are determined to master it so we can enjoy it. If you are in the same boat, consider yourself invited to Empath Zone Community.

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  • Talisman of El Book Review

    Talisman of El Book Review

    5 months ago

    I love to read fantasy. It allows us to visit incredible places, it encourages us to think from different perspectives, and of course it helps us to take a break from every day life. The last book I read is called...

  • How to identify dandelion

    How to identify dandelion

    4 years ago

    Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale) is considered in many places a noxious weed. You probably played with it as a kid, blowing the seeds in the wind, and fought with it as an adult trying to comply with proper garden...