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  • Granddaughter


    9 months ago

    Impromptu while waiting for the concert to begin When you are born, my Granddaughter, we will go for walks together. I will sing to you and read to you. We will smile at each other. We will be the happiest people on Earth. We will talk and...

  • How the Horse Was Decorated

    How the Horse Was Decorated

    9 months ago

    How the horse was decorated in the East In the ancient times the horse was a man’s pride. It was treasured and decorated with love. In the Epic of Koroghlu there are several scenes describing the ornaments of a horse. At the time of the Tang...

  • Tillya Tepe

    Tillya Tepe

    9 months ago

    They came down from the sky The discoveries of Tillya Tepe will for many years to come continue to excite those eager to learn the information carried by the jewelry from the six graves that were found in Afghanistan in the 1970s. The Orion...

  • Portrait


    9 months ago

    It is always nice to receive gifts; this time she was filled with more anticipation than usual, because the gift was not store-bought – it was a quilt, hand-stitched for a special guest, as it is customary in Kazakhstan. She awaited the package...

  • Ayurveda


    9 months ago

    Ayurveda, or how to avoid allergies and protect our children It was almost 35 years ago that I personally encountered allergies in infants. Not having much background in this matter, I blamed a packet of instant soup. Today, however, I know that...

  • Brother Thomas

    Brother Thomas

    9 months ago

    Brother Thomas Bezanson - Pucker Gallery, Boston In Memory of the Pottery Artist The master whose work is represented by the Pucker Gallery on Boston’s Newbury Street may have...

  • Longy Music School

    Longy Music School

    9 months ago

    The First American Oboist and His School . 2010 was an anniversary year for the renowned conservatory school. The school owes its fame not only to the fact that its student, cellist Sergey Antonov, won a gold medal at the latest...

  • History of Jewelry (Shahnameh)

    History of Jewelry (Shahnameh)

    9 months ago

    History of Jewelry through stories and miniatures of Shahnameh* The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (MFA) has a collection of 55 miniatures painted from different manuscripts of “The Book of Kings;” the earliest one dates around 1317 AD, while...

  • Out of the Mouths of Babes

    Out of the Mouths of Babes

    9 months ago

    Out of the Mouths of Babes ... “Mom, did you have a wedding dress when you got married?” “No, Daddy and I were students and we did not think it a necessity when two people loved each other and wanted to be together.” “Well, when I...

  • Jewelry of Central Asia

    Jewelry of Central Asia

    9 months ago

    Bactrian Gold-book   Jewelry of Central Asia: Technical Aspects in Ancient time (4BC-4 AD) The surviving jewelry fragments, casting molds and models testify that most of the jewelry was produced by casting method. For instance, differently...

  • Symbols of Water

    Symbols of Water

    9 months ago

      Symbols of water in Islamic jewelry in Central Asia.        Islamic jewelry from Central Asia reflects different traditions through the history.  Symbols of water can be seen mostly in woman jewelry, since it’s a close connection...

  • Varzob


    9 months ago

                                                               Antiquity Reborn   The edges of the mountain tops have merged with the blue sky; a...

  • Tajik Jewelry by Vitaly

    Tajik Jewelry by Vitaly

    9 months ago

      Enamored with an old Tajik craft.    Tajik jewelry-making, like any other form of cultural self-expression by the people, is an original art. Visitors to this Central Asian republic have always been attracted by the bright garments of...

  • Tajik Jewelry

    Tajik Jewelry

    9 months ago

      Tajik Jewelry The history of the art of jewelry on the territory of Tajikistan dates back a few centuries, as evidenced by the archeological findings in the southern regions of the republic: from the burial mound and at the...

  • Head Jewelry of Europe

    Head Jewelry of Europe

    9 months ago

      Comparative Analysis of Head Jewelry of Europe and Central Asia Late 19th - Early 20th Centuries        19th century France played an important role as a center of high European culture, which was greatly...

  • An Ancient Empire

    An Ancient Empire

    9 months ago

    Bactria: Few people have heard about the ancient Empire of Bactria. Most people know about the country of Afghanistan.  I published book in Russian “The Art of Ancient Jewelers,” and also in English “The Jewelry of Central Asia,”...

  • Rings


    9 months ago

                             From the history of the Rings in Central Asia. Ring (“Challa”-tajik) is one of the most ancient amulets known to man. The first rings may have been made out of bone, wood, or stone. Rings made...

  • Ancient Art

    Ancient Art

    9 months ago

                                 Canons of Ancient Art in Relation to Cosmos Up until a very recent time period, issues related to the symbolic and semantic problems were considered taboo in the...


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