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Hello, my name is Erica H and I serve the web as the Enlightenment Advisor (for Ohio at least). The temperatures have dropped below or around 40 during the day, below 30 sometimes even 20 at night. With that, I keep to hibernation mode but still need to earn a living. You ask how ?

With several irons in a few stoked fires, I keep myself and those around me who appreciate humble new beginnings, keep toasty and hopeful. I am writing, reading, studying, researching to make the improvements to what my reading public expects: the truth in penmanship.

Now on with your avenue toward enlightenment.

I would like to take you on adventures YOU create using the 'transpersonal compass' you navigate from the couch, chair, bed, office seat, bus stop, etc. I build bridges and hone paths to higher awareness where improvement can really begin for all of us.

Although these bridges are not constructed of steel and wire but rather with materials like emotions, physical strength and intellectual stimulation, one can STILL become more hopeful, grounded, hopefully super-ambitious, enlightened, successful, healthy & secure.

Let s hear it for Transpersonalism

Thank you for reading and letting me

share my light, erica~the enlightenment advisor

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