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  • The Future of Human Evolution

    The Future of Human Evolution

    8 years ago

    Our universe began with a big bang. This can be proven by back-tracing the paths of the galaxies to the singularity that existed before the big bang. Simple enough to understand and no one needs to believe in magic or the supernatural to understand...

  • Why poker is related to evolution

    Why poker is related to evolution

    8 years ago

    Poker and the evolution of lying               An argument can be made that poker is an example of what humans are all about. In the evolution of our species the most important characteristic we have evolved is our intelligence....

  • I know how to save the country

    I know how to save the country

    8 years ago

                    There is a very real public dissatisfaction with the way this country is being managed. This has been demonstrated by the popularity of the Tea Party and by the voter animosity toward incumbents in almost all elected...

  • Prepare For 2012

    Prepare For 2012

    9 years ago

            Introduction   There has been a lot of recent publicity about the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Some people believe the prediction has been over-hyped and the actual events of that date will not be so...

  • The connection between fishing and searching for a job

    The connection between fishing and searching for a job

    9 years ago

    These two activities may not, on first glimpse, have much in common. In fact there are more similarities between the two than anybody realizes. There are ways to assure failure in either pursuit and there are proven methods that greatly increase...

  • Bigfoot explained at last

    Bigfoot explained at last

    9 years ago

                    This is a theory based on my analysis of what I have learned from watching such TV shows as “Monster Quest” and “Unsolved Mysteries”. My formal education ended when I graduated high school in 1970 so the...

  • Time travel, prophesies and ancient aliens

    Time travel, prophesies and ancient aliens

    9 years ago

      Some unconventional and pseudo-scientific views of the universe               I decided to take a break from political commentary because I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the self-centered, power-hungry way this...

  • Industrial technology

    Industrial technology

    9 years ago

      A short review of how the manufacturing industry has changed in the last twenty-five years.   Chapter 1:             I got my first manufacturing job shortly after turning 18 in 1970. Since then I have held manufacturing jobs...


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