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Hi! My name is Erin and I live near Sacramento, California, with my kids, boyfriend, and our dogs.

I love to travel around California and take really awesome pictures of our beautiful surroundings. Getting out of the house and into nature is great therapy and I think people need to get out there more!

Thanks for reading my profile and my hubs. Smile!

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  • Diastasis Recti, or Why I Can't Seem to Get Rid of My Belly

    Diastasis Recti, or Why I Can't Seem to Get Rid of My Belly

    10 months ago

    Does it seem like no matter how hard you try, your belly doesn't seem to go away? It could be due to something called diastasis recti, or abdominal splitting.

  • Visiting the Redwoods

    Visiting the Redwoods

    22 months ago

    California, home to some of the most beautiful sights you can imagine, is also where some of the tallest, most amazing trees can be found: Redwood Trees. Never seen them in person? You should!

  • Favorite Lap Dog-What Is A Papillon

    Favorite Lap Dog-What Is A Papillon

    23 months ago

    The word Papillon means butterfly in French and that's just what the silhouette of the head of the papillon with its large ears looks like, a butterfly! Papillons are an old breed, dating back more than 700 years ago...