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estranged911 profile image


Joined 8 years ago from India!




I love music, movies, poetry, painting, sketching, traveling, photography, adventure, languages, wildlife, nature, yoga, fitness, health and spirituality. I'm here to read and write about it.

I love reading non fiction books esp if they are autobiographies or journals of extraordinary or weired people. As of now, I'm reading My Booky Wook (Russell Brand).
Read my hub Top 10 Graphic Novels

There are times when I like to read young adult fiction too. My last fantasy book was The Vampire Diaries series.
See Twilight

I am an artsy person and have a very different eye for the world. I carry deep respect for Artists. Europe is so rich in Arts & culture, It is my dream to backpack throughout the continent for atleast a year. I have a lust for European languages. I can speak French and I intent to learn Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, Portuguese and Turkish in my lifetime.

Photography is my passion. See BALI and traveling is my life's ambition! I love mountains and cold deserts. Himalayas, Andes, Atacama, Altiplano are some of my favorite places in the world. I love to walk and hike. I feel like some nomadic gypsy. Maybe I should start herding cattle too.

I love animals. I love to feed the strays and i deeply wish to do something for the endangered species. Tigers and Pandas are precious to me. Its so sad to know that there are only a hand full of them left in the world. I really wish I could do something about that.

I am not a good singer but I love to sing and play guitar. I never miss the karaoke nights.

I am a vegan and I love it! I love fruits and salads. I can live my entire life on raw fruits and vegetables. I love cheese too. I believe in a healthy living and follow a rich diet.

I practice yoga and meditation also. I feel that it vitalizes our mind, body and soul.

Meanings of Gemstones
Myths about Gemstones

I love the hues & fragrance of dawns and silence of the wee hours. I love to stay up at nights and sit outside in the wee hours and watch the sky transform from black - blue - purple - pink and finally orange. Conversely, i like to wake up at the wee hours too! I can stare the moon and the stars for hours. The nights are so beautiful. The world is just awesome. I love storms. Monsoons are my favorite season of the year. I was once caught up in a sea storm (it wasn't life threatening) and it was an experience of a lifetime.

Music interests me a lot. My favorite genres are Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, Acid Rock, Rock n Roll, Country, French Folk, Peruvian Folk, Icelandic, Sufi, GoaPsy, Fusion etc.

In movies, I love drama... Hard Core Drama!

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  • Myths and Legends about Gemstones

    Myths and Legends about Gemstones

    8 years ago

    Crystals, minerals and metals have played various roles in the myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. They are fascinating examples of the attempts of the men and women of ancient times to explain...