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First, a grand hearty welcome to you all my dear friends, i love you all. I hope that you enjoy my articles and that you are able to find a read that interests you. Leave a comment -- I always appreciate feedback. Don't forget to leave your comment through which i learn a lot so teach me.

My entry into web is as a casual browser and got pricked by all those home income sites and thought there is a golden angel smiling with a big candle waiting to light my world, alas, everything turned out to be the same old pan cake, the same selfish sharks and the vultures hungrily waiting to take a chance, i confided in my self and when i lost almost all the interest in internet suddenly i found this page through my friend (who's got a wonderful blog out there with some very high standard quality content ) and registered myself a member and when started to go thro some of the hubs itself i started shouting "WOW", i can't believe my eyes and wanted to pierce a dagger in me to confirm, Yes its true, what a wonderful people are here? with a lot of knowledge and ready to help others and see them coming through. Thanks a lot my dear hubbers,i was dreaming for candle but, you have provided a real sunshine. "I AM BORN AGAIN".

Here is a list of my Hubs:

How to save our Mother earth from Global Warming
Global Warming

Self Improvement:

Secret of Success

20 Tips to assess your success

Basic Laws of Success

Family of Success

Power of Positive attitude and tips to develop it

10 Tips for better Human relations

Every minute counts

The Most precious Little moments

Intelligence minus Will power!

Staying Calm


You always first

Today - Yesterday - Tomarrow

The way to live

Simple tips for Happier living

Hot Health Hubs:

Tips for good health

Cancer and woman

Cancer and woman part 2

Cancer and woman part 3

Tips to keep your Feet clean and glowing

Take care of your feet


Find the cause to get remedy

Take care of your hands

Bring back your youth

Magnetic Therapy

you can also read my blog at :http://skin-c-a-r-e-tips.blogspot.com/

Please be free to go through my hubs and rate my writting at the bottom i ll be much inspired

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