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Some have told me that I have a wise old soul dwelling within; I suppose that the difficult and tragic events of my past have imparted upon me wisdom beyond my years. Yet from the smoldering ashes of the past I have finally arisen a new creature, one that is forever changing. One of the most prevalent lessons I have learned in my short years is that change is a constant force in life, in order to move forward we must embrace it, despite whether it is good or bad.

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    • What coulh he be?

      What coulh he be?

      5 years ago

      This morning someone droped a little dog at my house. He's small and has the markings of a coyote. Any ideal of what he could be mixed with?http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/87/straycombo.jpg

    • Why did you use the screen name you choose?

      Why did you use the screen name you choose?

      8 years ago

      the reason i picked mine is because the actual screen name i like was too long to fit lol. i wanted to use eternal metamorphosis, this is the name i use on most every thing i do. my life has been full of changes and i...

    • Flea Treatment

      Flea Treatment

      8 years ago

      Curently I'm usuing frountline. I have read that since it's one of the first prescription flea medications the fleas are getting immune to it. I have used frountline on my dogs for years now and have noticed with my Pit...

    • Show Your Pit Bull Pride

      Show Your Pit Bull Pride

      8 years ago

      There is a new site that i would like to share with anyone who is a pit bull lover. It's a social network dedicated to pit bulls. If you own one please check it out. pitsplace.ning.comthanks for taking time to read this

    • I messed up my last post so here's my new post for any suggestions

      I messed up my last post so here's my new post for any suggestions

      8 years ago

      Ok so i didn't spell suggestions corectly and i apologize, no one's perfect and I've had a bad day. I was interested in any suggestions on careers that i could go to school for here in Ky dealing with animals, dogs in...

    • Any Sujestions?

      Any Sujestions?

      8 years ago

      How about a horse trainer or vet? I here they have a few horses in Kentucky.

    • Whats been Your best/closest pet

      Whats been Your best/closest pet

      6 years ago

      What pet do you have or have you had that's been the best/closest to you,I had a Boston Terrier named Slade, he passed away not quite a year ago. I miss him terribly, he was the last christmas present my dad gave me...

    • For Pit Bull Parents

      For Pit Bull Parents

      8 years ago

      Tell us a little about your Pit, why you love them/this breed so much.I have a tan and white Pit Bull named Bowser, He'll be 10 months old may 10th. He's such a sweet loving boy. He's so silly and goofy I can't help but...

    • Pit Bull Poem

      Pit Bull Poem

      9 years ago

      You judge me without knowing what good I hold inside,You think I am a monster because of all the lies.I am breed to please you, whatever that may be.So if I am a fighter don't dare lay blame on me.You make me what I am...