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    Top 10 Places to Visit on and Near Malta

    10 days ago

    Sit back and enjoy a guided tour of Malta and its nearby islands, Comino and Gozo. Join us as we explore the sights and find out how to make the best of your time on the islands.

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    Exploring Costa Tropical, Spain (From La Herradura to Salobrena)

    7 weeks ago

    Discover Costa Tropical, Granada's coastline on mainland Spain that has retained its beauty and local character. Explore an area that has so far escaped mass tourism. Feast your eyes on the scenic coastline, experience Spanish cuisine, learn about the local history and bask in the sub-tropical sun.

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    Is Leeds Castle the Loveliest Castle in the World?

    5 weeks ago

    Leeds Castle holds fond memories for the writer. After more than 40 years, Liz revisits the idyllic waterside setting in Kent, UK. Does Leeds Castle live up to her expectations and recollections? Is it 'the loveliest castle in the world'? Read on, explore the castle and decide what you think.

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    InterContinental Hotel London Park Lane: A Rewarding Hotel Experience

    3 weeks ago

    Are you looking for a 5-star hotel in central London? Join us at InterContinental London Park Lane. Learn about the hotel, explore the local area and get useful tips on how to make the most of your future hotel stays. Visit the hotel with a royal connection and royal neighbours down the road.

  • 41

    Top 10 Places to Visit in and Near Torremolinos, Spain

    3 months ago

    Explore highlights of Torremolinos and the surrounding area on Spain's Costa del Sol. Take the train to discover Malaga, the coastal region's main city, and the towns of Benalmadena and Fuengirola further down the line. Use this article to plan your visit. Enjoy a virtual tour of local attractions.

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    Visiting Eyam, Derbyshire: The Plague Village Which Self-Quarantined to Stop the Spread of Disease

    6 months ago

    Explore the village of Eyam in Derbyshire. Witness the legacy of the 17th-Century Plague. Hear how the villagers self-isolated, as Eyam suffered a high death toll but stopped the spread of disease to other areas. The weight of history hangs heavily in this thought-provoking and inspiring village.

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    Holiday Inn Express London Heathrow Terminal 4 Review

    4 weeks ago

    Are you looking for a hotel near London Heathrow airport? Holiday Inn Express London Heathrow Terminal 4 comes highly recommended. Read on for a detailed review of this conveniently located hotel and its facilities. Whatever your itinerary this hotel is sure to add to the experience and comfort.

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    Our Top 14 Refreshment Stops in North Gran Canaria

    2 months ago

    North Gran Canaria has much to offer travelers. Refreshment stops are a key element of sightseeing trips. Discover some of the most scenic and interesting places to stop for drinks and food whilst exploring some of the great locations in the north of the island from Las Palmas to the Agaete Valley.

  • 34

    Top 10 Places to Visit in North Gran Canaria

    2 months ago

    North Gran Canaria has much to offer travelers. From its capital, Las Palmas, to its award-winning city beach. Pleasant parks and gardens, interesting towns and villages. A rugged coastline and inland hills and valleys. Add in a rum factory, vineyard, and coffee plantation. So much more to explore.

  • 66

    10 of the Best Museums in Amsterdam

    4 weeks ago

    Amsterdam has an impressive number and range of museums, as well as its own Museum Quarter. The challenge is choosing which ones to explore. Read on to find out about 10 of the best and start making your list. One trip will not be enough. You will be left wanting to plan a return visit to see more.

  • 63

    How to Eat and Drink on a Budget in Amsterdam

    2 months ago

    Food and drink are vital ingredients of a great tourist experience, but how can you enjoy your time in Amsterdam, whilst not overspending on refreshments? Read on to find out how to achieve this. Pick up some money-saving tips along the way and learn about our favorite eating places in Amsterdam.

  • 95

    A Hotel Stay Post COVID-19 Lockdown Is a Different Scene

    3 days ago

    Ever wondered what a hotel stay looked like during COVID-19? Read on to find out, as we compare what it was like to stay in Hilton Garden Inn Doncaster before and during the pandemic. Discover the procedures put in place to ensure the health and safety of guests and staff in unprecedented times.

  • 68

    Top 10 Things to See on the Water in Amsterdam

    2 months ago

    Amsterdam is characterized by its waterways. This article focuses on the different forms of water-based activity in the city. Discover the canal tour to suit you and find out about different floating transport options. Take a virtual water trip around Amsterdam without getting your feet wet.

  • 110

    Top 10 Free Things to Do in Amsterdam

    3 months ago

    Amsterdam, the Venice of the North, is a great destination for a city break. Discover a list of free things to do that will enhance your time in Amsterdam. Experience city life in Amsterdam, outside and undercover for free.

  • 71

    InterContinental Hotel Malta: An Upgrading Hotel Experience

    3 months ago

    What can possibly go wrong on a visit to a reputable 5-star hotel brand? Join us at InterContinental Malta and find out as we check out the facilities there and browse 6 different rooms. Learn about the hotel, discover our experience, and get useful tips on how to make the most of your hotel stays.

  • 67

    The Ultimate Guide to Long Beach Resort Hotel, Famagusta, North Cyprus. Detailed Review of a Hidden Gem.

    3 months ago

    A thorough review of a unique resort hotel. Find out why Long Beach Resort Hotel, Famagusta is truly a hidden gem in Northern Cyprus. Discover how it achieves an 'away from it all' relaxing holiday experience and what makes guests keen to return. Sun, sea, sand and interesting sites to visit nearby.

  • 80

    Exploring Northern Cyprus (From Nicosia to the Karpaz Peninsula)

    2 months ago

    Take a tour around some of the top highlights of Northern Cyprus. See for yourself what this area has to offer and learn about its rich history. This article is a great resource for planning a trip to the area and an informative fact file for those interested in learning more about Northern Cyprus.

  • 64

    Hotel Port Denia, Review of a Year-Round Hotel on the Costa Blanca

    4 months ago

    A thorough review of a winter break in Hotel Port Denia, including detailed descriptions of the room and hotel facilities from a guest perspective. Find out how to make the most of a less-than-perfect experience with tips on how to put your case to hotel management and obtain a free upgrade.

  • 130

    Top 10 Places to Visit in and Around Denia, Spain

    3 months ago

    This article explores highlights of Denia and the surrounding coastal region on Spain's Costa Blanca as far north as Valencia and as far south as Alicante. Use this article to plan your visit to the area and learn what makes this a year-round holiday destination for many northern-European tourists.

  • 57

    Holiday Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5 Review

    2 months ago

    Looking for a comfortable hotel near London Heathrow airport, within reach of central London and Windsor? Check out this thorough review of Holiday Inn London Heathrow Terminal 5. Visit the hotel through the eyes of experienced hotel guests to find out how they rated the facilities and the service.

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    The High Points of Prague (Where to See the City's Best Views)

    4 months ago

    See Prague spread below you from four of the city's high viewpoints. Gaze at the Czech capital from Vysehrad to the south, the Observation Tower Petrin Park in the west, the memorial on Zizkov Hill, and the Television Tower to the east. Learn about the sites and see the views of this beautiful city.

  • 46

    Prague Hotels: Ibis Prague Wenceslas Square Reviewed

    4 months ago

    Looking for a budget hotel in Prague? Read this review of Ibis Prague Wenceslas Square based on two separate one-night stays. Take a detailed look at three different rooms through the eyes of experienced travelers. Make the most of your stay. Read about nearby sights and a recommended eating place.

  • 57

    Exploring Josefov, Prague's Jewish Quarter

    4 months ago

    A day exploring the Jewish Quarter is a must for any visitor to Prague. This guide on how to get the most out of your visit highlights the main sites in Josefov. Learn about the history and the tragedy of the Jewish people in Prague, and be inspired to plan your trip to this historic area.

  • 41

    Prague Hotels: InterContinental Prague Reviewed

    4 months ago

    A detailed review of InterContinental Hotel Prague. Discover what it's like to stay in this 5-star hotel in the Czech capital. Get money-saving tips and find out how to make the most of your stay. Learn about interesting guests from the past. How to live the high life without spending the earth.

  • 72

    Brave American Airmen. Tony Keeps Their Memory Alive

    3 months ago

    In wartime England, an 8-year-old boy witnessed the horrific crash of a US Air Force bomber. He grew up determined to preserve the memory of its crew. Having tended the crash site and memorial for many years, Tony Foulds' dreams came true when a flypast was arranged to mark the 75th anniversary.

  • 49

    Prague's Mala Strana, Exploring the Little Quarter

    6 months ago

    Mala Strana, or the Little Quarter, is one of the best-preserved areas in the beautiful city of Prague. With its distinctive mix of eye-catching buildings, quiet corners, peaceful gardens and a park offering a bird's-eye view over the city, Mala Strana is well worth exploring.

  • 42

    Prague Hotels: Hilton Prague Reviewed

    5 months ago

    Looking for a hotel in Prague? Read on to experience Hilton Prague through the eyes of a fellow traveler. This article has a real 'try before you buy' feel to it. Find out what it's like to stay there and how to make the most of your time, and get tips on how to get the best value for your money.

  • 65

    Prague: Exploring the Castle and Hradcany

    5 weeks ago

    Walk with us up to Prague Castle and around the Hradcany area. Explore the sights, read about the history behind them and take in the views over the city of Prague. Learn from our experiences, choose your favorite sights and start planning your visit to the picturesque capital of the Czech Republic.

  • 55

    Prague Hotels: Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre Reviewed

    4 months ago

    A review of the Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre, based on two stays in three different rooms. Read on to hear how we fared and to find out if this might be the ideal base for your visit to Prague. A no-holds-barred review, highlighting the good and not-so-good points from a stay of seven nights.

  • 72

    Prague New Town, Exploring the Sights

    4 months ago

    Explore the sights of Prague New Town from a traveler's perspective. See and read about key places of interest, learn how to use the transport system and hear about refreshment and entertainment options. This is a useful resource for future visitors and offers interesting insights for any reader.

  • 75

    InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, a Thorough Hotel Appraisal

    4 weeks ago

    Our trip to Amsterdam was inspired by the opportunity to stay in the InterContinental Amstel Hotel, a 5-star hotel in a palatial building overlooking the River Amstel. Read on to find out whether the experience matched up to our expectations in this detailed account of our stay.

  • 76

    A River View of Prague

    5 weeks ago

    Looking to explore Prague from a river perspective? This article highlights the most eye-catching sights of the Czech capital along the River Vltava. Whether on foot or by water, experience the sights of four different areas of this stunning city and make the most of your visit to Prague.

  • 39

    Holiday Inn Prague Airport Thoroughly Reviewed

    7 weeks ago

    After choosing a destination and booking flights, accommodation is next on the list to sort. Deciding where to stay is not always easy. This thorough review of Holiday Inn Prague Airport is aimed at helping you make the decision about whether this is the best place for you to stay.

  • 87

    Walking Through Prague's Old Town

    7 weeks ago

    Old Town Prague, by virtue of its compactness and pedestrianized areas, lends itself ideally to a walking tour. This article covers the top sites we came across on our visit to the Old Town, with suggestions for others you might want to check out for yourself when you are there.

  • 46

    Holiday Inn Express Porto Exponor: A Traveller's Review

    4 months ago

    This is an in-depth review of Holiday Inn Express Porto Exponor, based on our thorough testing of the facilities during an 11-night stay. It aims to give potential guests an insight into what this hotel offers to help them decide whether this is the right place for them.

  • 53

    Exploring the Coast Near Porto

    2 months ago

    A summer holiday to Porto exceeded our expectations. We had no difficulty filling 12 days with visits around the local area. This is a description of what we discovered as we explored some of the nearby coastline.

  • 58

    Where to Eat and Drink Around Porto on a Budget

    2 months ago

    A guide to some of the most reasonably priced local restaurants and bars around Porto, Portugal, based on our experiences whilst visiting the area.

  • 59

    Top 8 Travel Options in Porto and the Douro Valley

    6 weeks ago

    Wondering how to make the most of the variety of transport types available in Porto to see as much as possible of the city and the Douro Valley? Here is a guide to being a savvy traveler in Porto based on what we learned during a 12-day trip there.

  • 125

    Top 12 Sights to See in Porto

    5 weeks ago

    Based on our experiences in this delightful city, we've compiled a list of the top 12 sights worth seeing in Porto.


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