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Thank you for visiting my hub page. If you can't tell already, I love the art of candle making. Well, believe it or not, that love of making candles has inspired me to create a hub page on the topic. I actually share many of the different recipes and tips on the topic, and I thought that this would be the perfect venue to share some of my research and experience. My love for creating candles has expanded my craft quite a bit, and now I'm creating bakery candles and fake baked goods at www.EverythingDawnBakeryCandles.com. I'd love to own a bakery showcasing dessert candles and fake baked goods. If you're someone who likes the art of candle making, baking and/or creating new and unique bakery inspired things, then you may just like this hub page.

If I can answer any of your questions along the way, please contact me. I'm happy to help! Also follow me on https://www.scribd.com/everythingdawn

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