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  • Comparing Jor-El and Netanyahu

    Comparing Jor-El and Netanyahu

    7 years ago

    Listening to Benjamin Netanyahu deliver his speech to the U.S. Congress yesterday, I was inspired to make an instant connection with a similar message that I read during my youth in the Superman comic books of the late1950’s era. In the origins...

  • A Magical Mystery Tour

    A Magical Mystery Tour

    7 years ago

    Many posts exist with pictures of the elaborate Houdini grave. I decided not to put my photos up but rather leave it to the reader to decide if they'll want to pursue that aspect of this adventure.

  • Rush Call for a Background Extra

    Rush Call for a Background Extra

    9 years ago

    Adventures of a movie extra.

  • Voting astray

    Voting astray

    9 years ago

    At my first Toastmasters meeting, a witty host invited me up to the front of the speakers’ group, and asked me to discuss who I was voting for in the upcoming presidential elections. While I’m not a shy person and can readily speak to a group, I...

  • Finding the Circle

    Finding the Circle

    9 years ago

    The president of the congregation had missed last weekend's services due to a previous engagement and had also overslept for attending the services of the holiday of Shavuot during the prior week. But he wasn't going to miss out on Shabbat services...

  • Please!  Fill in my blank.

    Please! Fill in my blank.

    7 years ago

    The many travails of job hunting.

  • What hath Sandy wrought?

    What hath Sandy wrought?

    9 years ago

    My wife's workplace in the Rockaway's neighborhood was flooded. Her office had several feet of water and all the computers were destroyed by the tumultuous salt water that hurricane Sandy had forced into the New York's and New Jersey's coastlines as...

  • Back to my old school ways

    Back to my old school ways

    9 years ago

    Recently I got a chance to visit Pratt Institute. It was after getting my 1920’s style “Boardwalk Empire” haircut at Steiner Studios –which was located at the end of Washington Avenue in Brooklyn, NY… just a half mile from my old Alma...

  • A Sudden Mission

    A Sudden Mission

    9 years ago

    While taking my daily walk along Long Beach on Long Island during the late hours of a dank afternoon in late October of 2012, I looked down on the saturated sand along the undulating water lines created by the unceasing movement of the Atlantic...

  • Photos from outer space

    Photos from outer space

    9 years ago

    Have you seen them? New photos from outer space? Or for that matter, inner space? Space exploration in 2012 is alive and sputtering along -even if our present US of A leadership has cut the space budget to shreds (and a slew of jobs associated...

  • Not now honey, I'm busy wiping out the world!

    Not now honey, I'm busy wiping out the world!

    9 years ago

    The telltale signs of getting caught up in the ethics of video games can be immediately discerned by those who are still enjoying a conscious level of humane existence.

  • A Working Extra

    A Working Extra

    9 years ago

    Getting work in the entertainment industry is fairly easy. There are websites such as Central Casting and mandy.com -both offer free membership. So get your digital camera ready; snap a few dozzen photos of yourself and start making "big bucks" is showbiz! (Just don't break a leg -no matter what...

  • Strange Laughter

    Strange Laughter

    10 years ago

    I always approach my television with a kind of retro-idealistic abandon: expecting to see only a few channels... from days of old (i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC). And then pixelated reality strikes and I realize that I have literally hundreds of channels to...


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